Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quicky Pics.

Ok so I ran around the other day tryng to find a gift for a party we where going to. It had to be a bowl of a smaller size so that we could use it a specific way. In the process I was pulling out all the stuff that I had packed away for my next booth sale. As you can see here I got into my floppy bowl box and pulled out a bunch of older ones. I took a quick picture just so I could show you guys. I think the purple, blue, and white one will vanish quick at the booth. I am always surprised the one in the front does not go. It is one my my favorites but it is also priced higher than the rest...ponder.
This is a picture of a bunch of my really old stuff. I mean really old from the first year I was blowing glass. I am going to use it around town as the I found this glass stuff. If you don't know what I am talking about go check out the link. I hide stuff all over the place. Mostly in Pensacola but it has been known to get to other location either by my hands or others. Anyway, I left a marble at Chillies last night and I plan on putting all this stuff out over the weekend for fun. I will gets some friends to help maybe do it on the beach.
Here are some of the tumbers I made for the "Hot Glass Cold Beer" night at the Belmont. It really went off pretty well again. I think that everyone has a lot of fun at this event and I can't wait to see some of the funds go towards some new pipes and maybe a knock-off bench with a torch.

Ok that is it for today kids.



Plum's Penny Dreadful said...

The orange floppy is reeeeal purty! Hey---you seem to have always worked big. I'm jealous. I am just starting to size up a bit, I'm really pleased with the stuff I have been turning out. I mean--no genius, but I made this awesome long neck vase and the bottom is so perfect, it almost looks like a chemists something or other!The mouth is a different story.... I'm gonna take pics this week and post. I think I have only posted my first paperweight to date---big step!

Gnat of Glass said...

All my small stuff vanishes pretty quick. So I end up with all the big stuff at the house. All that old glass has been outside for the last 2 years, time to purge.

IFTG will get an influx. It is funny how that has become my "seconds" outlet. Well, ok the marbles are firsts but still it is fun to think of people finding it.