Friday, May 25, 2007

Quicky before the weekend...Surf is up no time to terry.

Ok so Plum posted that I seem to make only big stuff to I scraped around a little bit in my pictures folder for some smaller stuff. The problem being is that often when I make smaller stuff it is gone before I have a chance to take a picture of it. This is my first try at a shell. Pretty damn snazzy! The second one was liberated from my sunroom by my mother-in-law. She had this really evil grin and when I said "what?" she showed me what she was hiding in her hands. I just wanted to make a couple to see if I could do it. I am going to find a way to improve on the design and work with it. I think when I get done it will be clear that these were version 1.0 and the new one will have more life to them. Glassblowing to me is all about improving and finding your nitch. You have to learn the skills to be able to apply them to your own vision or some kind of hippy karma thing like that. Anyway, I have so ideas on how to make this design better and make it something really neat. I have friend Ron that was the first person I ever saw make these, now I have seen them in a couple of other places as well. Mine are a shadow of his but I plan to go a different direction with mine. Again, this was just the first stab at it.

Here is the bottom. It really is a pretty neat and I have seen it in more than a couple places. I am really into the inside effects and that is what I am going to spend more time tweaking. I like the idea of picking it up and seeing something that is more interesting than the outside.Some older bowls that I no longer have. Still they are pretty cool from my 2nd year blowing. Smaller stuff mind you about 7 inches across.
The Reef Paperweight. Always a favorite. CorkChop has this one I think this is the second time I have put a picture of this up. I miss the Reef Paperweight, I need to make anouther one.
Hurricane Ivan Paperweight. That sand is from my Fathers Condo wrapped around Iris Gold. Everyone really likes these...again something I need to make more of. I sell these after I sand them down for about 50 dollars. I have to because I have about a 50% failure rate from the sand shattering the piece. So when they do live, they are really a labor of love because anyone in their right mind would not live with a 50% failure rate. Works much better with Spruce Pine than Gabbert Cullet it has something to do with the COE of the glass. SP(96), Gabbert(closer to 92).

Ok outta here. Surf is up time to hit the beach. Stay away from the east end the reflection off my pale white skin might blind you as I pattle out.



The Phosgene Kid said...

THE shell reminds me of some of the fossil Ammonites I have seen. Very nice!!

caramaena said...

My goodness that shell is gorgeous!

Jewels said...

Oh wow! The shell is awesome! (can you make it in a bead?!?) ;)
I am quite fond of the little pieces you've sent me, the marble and the Krypto are a hit here.
You should definitely make more of those!

jin said...

Oh...I LOVE that shell, too!!!


Gnat of Glass said...


I have a paperweight design in mind that would be just that. Think of the reef with a smaller shell or two in it. You Sir have stirred my brain...

Caramaena, you guys really like the shell. I will have to post of picture of the "wayward" shell. I hear it is on it's way back.


Good lord, everyone loves the shell. What is I made a Shell the would glow on the inside?! You my dear are a genius!


Are you kidding me! Everyone one of you people love the shell. It is a total conspiracy I tell you.

Ok, more shells.

I will make a special "Contest" shell Wed. with MiniMolli. I am going with the "# of marbles in the vase" contest this time.


PS> You guys made my day with your shell fetish.

Jewels said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!

I so want a glow in the dark shell!!!! Yes! I need a glow in the dark shell!

angel said...

gorgeous... and i do love glas!! its the one thing missing from my dragon collection is a glass one... and a swarovski crystal one of course- but my friend terri gave me a virtual crystal dragon after visiting their gallery last year.

CorkChop said...

The three bowls... Raygo has the red middle one and Julian has the yellow one on the right. Obviously, we are big fans.