Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nice Shed Man.

Ok so the shed is done. Maybe MiniMolli will break away from work and go take a picture of it today....maybe.

I have even started to move stuff into it. Alas, that also means that I am going to have to do some serious cleaning in the garage to make a spot for the shop. Although, the faster I can get the garage cleaned out the faster I can get the electric in. That is the big hump #2, big hump #1 is cutting the garage in 1/2 and rebuilding it. So now you are up to speed on the construction part. Although I kind of look like a old man walking around sore from my head to my toes. I did not know I had muscles in some parts of my body, but I know now. I am thinking of creating a workout based on building a shed. Build a shed, shed a couple...or something silly like that.

The Glass. Well it has been uneventful. I have just been making tumblers I don't have the creative juice to think about much else right now. All my energy is going into work and building all the stuff for the shop. I have all these things floating around in my head I want to do but just can't be done in a rental slot or in my current mental state which is set to worn out.

Ok that is it today kids, back to work.



Anonymous said...

Mind if I ask why you are building the Hotshop in the garage as opposed to out in the new shed? Just curious.....Larry C

Andrew said...

The Moly elements are really an orange. Like the small elements some people use to heat up the charcoal on a grill. The purplish color must be from the lighting the the phone picture.
Keep up the good works.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'd like to take a chainsaw to the Tiny House, but not to add on. Can't wait to see the picture.