Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tag team.

Mini and I worked last night in the shop. It has been almost a month now and it showed. I made a couple of bowls, and a couple of small vases. Almost everything was in pinks and whites for a friends shop. I was not real happy about anything that I made. My mind was in the wrong place and laying off for a week because of broken equipment did not help. Mini was great even if I totally hogged up all the time and she did not make anything. I just lost track of time and before we knew it our time was up.

That will all change when we get the shop up she can work any time she also! I have been having a run a bad luck when it comes to making big things. This might have something to do with anything large it pushing the limits of the equipment at the shop I am working in. I was making a huge pick for a friends deli shop and I was completely done. It was about 18 inches high and about 14 inches wide. This was a big piece, and I was thinking it was going to be pretty cool looking. Orange on the inside, white, latte, and cherry red on the outside. Then at the final stage in the annealer where I break off the punty it shattered. I could not believe my eyes. Ah well...I really have had bad luck with big stuff as I tend to do it last when I am tired, and I get to the point where I just want to be done with it and I take short cuts or I forget something. Lost a whole hours work, about 10 bucks in color, and 30 bucks in rental time. It was the suck. People wonder why glass is expensive.....

Try to drop by and get my stuff tonight if I get a chance. If I don't get there today pictures on Friday. Everything was crap so don't expect anything great...just part of the process of getting back in the grove. I hope to get anouther day in this week and if I do I will have a "How Gnat Got his Grove Back" post.


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