Sunday, April 8, 2007

Strong Street Studio, we have lift off!

Ok, Minimolli threw down the gauntlet on me. She basically said some things that needed to be said. IE> Build it or stop talking about it because people really want to see it happen. If you don't do it you just need to stop talking like you are.

True words, harsh...but true. So my wife is out of town for the next week and I am fancy free. I wanted to start on the shop yesterday but as luck would have it I put in a 16 hour day at work. So I figured no worries I will just wake up early Sunday...Woke up to rain. Around 12:00 it dried up enough to get to work. The offical name of my glass shop is going to be Strong Street Studio. Go ahead, say it again....Strong Street Studio. Saying it just makes me smile a little bit.

So the first step in this grand plan is to build a shed. Not for the studio but to get everything out of the garage where the studo will be. I plan to take out a wall on the west side under the porgula and put all the equipment there. It will keep all the equipment inside, but the working area will be out under the wysteria that will grow up over the porgula. I also plan to have places for people to sit, a sound system (already have this), and a beer fridge (don't have this but I don't think Mini is going to argue about replacing our current fridge and moving it to the shop). We are also going to turn the area on the other side of the equipment into a little glass gallery for my stuff as well as a cold working and photoshop. Here is what a 1600 greenback diamond sander looks like with a water feed. I port the drain out of the window. The sander/grinder itself was about a grand and all the different diamond disk rand anouther 600.
I will soon have somewhere to make a perm setup area for the lights for pictures and enclosed wet colding working shop, the largest purchase in that is the grinder above. I already have all the equipment for both of these they are just waiting on an area to call home.

Ok so lets start looking at the pictures of the starting of the Shop! Here is the pile of trees that I cut down in the back yard to make room for where the shed will be. I am sure MiniMolli is going to be a bit on the "what have you done" but seeing how she is out of town I am not worried. Plus I kind of remember hearing "just do it, do what you want". So that is what I am doing. They where such good trees.
This is just a quick picture of the front of the house below. We had this porch put on before the wedding and I am just proud of it.

The porgula below is where the covering for my work area is going to be. You can see the wysteria on the far side that is really starting to grow up over the top. We will train it down the sides and over the top to make for some really cool shaded area over the working area. The garage is on the right side and that is where I am going to cut the wall out and insert the equipment. The benches will be out in the open and I will only work when the weather is nice...well just not raining. I still have to run the electric after I open it up but that is for anouther day. As you can see on the ground all my lumber is stacked up for the shed. 50, 10 foot long 2x4's and 18, 8 foot long 2x4's. This is only for the frame of the shed. It will be located behind and to the right of the garage and the porgula.

Here are my plans for the shed. I got them off of Make Magizine which is kind of a DIY site. They cost me about 25 smackers. They give you a list of what you need for a basic shed if you already have all the tool I am pretty sure you could get it done for about 500 bucks. I have made quite a few changes to the plans already to kind of spruce them up. I will use some different wood for the roof and shingles instead of asphalt paper.

Here is anouther picture of the lumber after I cut it all up to what the plans call for. It was still a little wet so I hope it dries out a bit before I get home tomorrow to put down the floor. If I am lucky I will get to frame up all the walls before it gets dark.

Here is a pic of the monkey grass I had to pull up to make way for the shed. Man that is crazy exciting eh? Look how hot that grass is, it really knows how to work the camera!

This is where the location of the future shed. As you can see I cut down all the trees and pulled up all the plants to make way. If you look close you can see the footers for the sheds location.

More lumber! As you can tell it got late and I finished up a bit deep into the night. I am sure my neighbors hope I am building a gallows to hang myself.

Ok so that is it for right now. I plan to level the area for the shed and at least get the floor in tomorrow. I need to get by to the lumber yard and buy some hurricane straps to secure the thing to the ground. I am sure that is not something most of you have to deal with. I on the other hand don't want my new shed in my living room if we have anouther Hurricane...which we will.

Until tomorrow when I post some more lumber action sexy. I wonder if MiniMolli is checking the site to see what I am doing.




MiniMolli said...

Uuuuh, Holy CRAP! Ok, I'm getting a bit worried about all the trees you pulled out, I hope you saved all my plants that were behind the garage, the one that was blooming will probably be very mad for a while.

Looks like you're making good progress though - keep it up, I want to see a shed when I get home!!!

Lily Knott said...

Great story - enjoyed it a lot.
Anyone wanting a hobby shack see my stuff before you take the plunge.

Andrew said...

I have an old denver furnace that needs rebuilt. Come pick it up in Okie Land and it is yours.

Drama Queen said...

*Phew* Im exhausted just reading about it. . .

Not Ashley said...

Sunshine...trees...sheds, pergolas...looks so nice & warm there, as I sit here freezing in April.

Good luck with the shed.