Monday, April 16, 2007

Still broke, but got some work done. - BIG UPDATE!

Ok short story on the Belmont. That is where I rent the studio out. The parts did not come in for the Electroglass Furnace in time for me to work on Wed. night. That was a real let down, actually I was quite angry but I got over it. Just wish I had known a little sooner than when I walked in the door to work. No worries I guess it gave me more time to work on my shop. Speaking of my shop..MORE LUMBER PORN!

Ok here is a picture of the floor of the shed before I leveled out the area and put the 3/4 inch plywood on it. Now the hard part about all this is that I honestly have no idea what the hell I am doing. I credit a new friend to making me feel a little bit better about this. I helped him with some computer stuff this weekend and I feel he is as good or better at building than I am with computers. So now I know what people feel like when I am helping them, kind of a bit lost and spooked about doing anything because you don't want to hose it up. It is a strange feeling that I never had with computers but I sure as hell have with building this shed. Alas, like I tell people about computers mess it up because it is the only way you will learn. I messed up a bunch of crap.

In this case I learned that 2x4s are not actually 2x4s. They are 1 1/2 by 3 1/2 -- why don't they call them that? Mystery of the universe we may never know. Silly me I assumed 2x4 ment 2x4 and I cut and messured with the idea it was 2x4. I did not get far, but it sure cost me about 9 pieces of wood before I realized that one.

The second thing I learned. Never...EVER! let anyone load your wood into your truck. Inspect every single piece of wood. You will end up with 2x4s that look like the end of a hockey stick they are so warped. Worse you will have to use a couple that are curved and it throws everything off. So in short...spend the extra 10 minutes inspecting each piece of wood to make sure it is straight, without nots, and not cracked at the ends. My free advice from a building newbie.

Ok after all that here is the floor.

Here is me at the end of the night putting the last piece in for the front of the shed. I actually ended up bracing this with a couple more 80 inch pieces the next day. As you can tell I worked a little late into the night again. The guy that lives behind me asked me to turn up that industrial music I was playing...funny guy. This is where I also realized I was short some to home depot.(1)
Almost finish front panel.
Side panel the next day, and my lovely saw horse I built a million moons ago.
Here are the two side panels, front panel, and the floor before I level the area they are going in. I am done with all the framing sans the roof. Now it is time to start on the footers. Crap I forgot to get the footers....Of to home depot(2).
Here is me testing the macro setting on the camera. More sexy hardware shots for you pervs out there. Would you look at the star slot! Lovely those things are animals, so photogenic.

Do I even need to say much about this model. Such a "Cold Steal" look. Zoolander has nothing on this framing strap.

Speaking of animals. This little baby dove landed on my shoulder while I was working this weekend. I think it was testing out it's wings and I must have looked like a realy fat branch. I knew where it's nest was and got close and up she went back to safty in the porgula. Either way wildlife landing on you has to be a good sign right Kim?

Ok enough of the jibber jabber. Here is the footers before I leveled them. My cousin, who has been building condos for 20+ years came over and said "Hey are you really just going to use that little block for the footers?". So an hour later, and a trip to home depot(4), after I was told what to put under them I have this. A 12x12 block, under the footers to keep them from sinking. Apparently everyone knows more about building than I do. I guess you could say that was item #3 that I learned.

Ok so here are the 9 footers, with the 9 bricks, and it is hard to see but I have a line level staked out as well. Iteam #4 after I was so smoothly asked "how are you leveling these". Apparently the answer "With a 2x4 and a level" was not the right answer. Anouther trip home depot(5) and I am working again. Hats off to Chuck, the foots and the line level made all the difference. This was one of the hardest things to do. I would advise that you get some 1/4 inch hardy plank to the do the leveling instead of removing the footers/bricks, digging, putting them back, checking the level, rinse, repeat..over and over...9 times. UGh!

Ok so we are making some progress now. Laying down some plywood and I feel like things are coming together. I would like to point out at this point that if you don't wear gloves while handling plywood and 2x4s you are taking you life into your own hands...literally. My hands look like someone that does real work for a living. Not my old softy computer boy hands, but real honest to god bloody, cut up, caloused working hands. This is also where I ran out of deck screws. Off to home depot(6) again.

Here is a picture of the foot, the 12x12, and the flooring together with the hurricane strap. You will notice a couple of walls there, yea I made some progess.

Side view daddyo! We have lift off, I should have take a picture everytime we put a wall up but I was more interested in getting them up and secure with the wind blowing so hard.

Here is a shot from the inside of the shed with the 4 walls up. I was a bit worried about how sound the walls would be. The reason for that is I had to use "Scott Logic" to secure them because on the last trip to home depot(7) to get a tarp and some side panels I lost my plans. Yea, I am a moron. I have no idea when or where I lost them they are just gone. So from here on out it is "Scott Logic" all day all night until the project is finished. I am building by the seat of my brain pan and that is scary because I have so much experience with building which I think I made clear early on.

Ok here is the money shot. This is where I am at as of right now. All the walls are up, all the side panels are on, and the floor is solid and level. The top openings are getting glass and I will secure them with wood stops. I will be working on finishing after work this week and sealing up the corners. Also securing the walls in a bit more with tie downs and what not. That should keep me busy all week and this weekend I will finish the roof, add the door, and drink a crown and coke inside my new shed.

Ok that is it, big update done.




MiniMolli said...

Wooo Hoo!!
Go Scott, get your build on!
Can't wait to have a crown and coke in the completed shed with you... it's looking great!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Want to feel like an expert builder? Just compare yourself to me. I usually hit my finger twice for every time I hit the nail.

I am envious, so far your workshop looks nicer than the Tiny House!!

Glad you got the card and even happier it made you feel good. Probably as nice as I feel everytime I look at my blue Gnat. I really love it.

Not Ashley said...

Congrats on finishing the shed. It looks good. Perfect place for lemon cake, I'd say. LOL!

EXSENO said...

WOW, You've been a bussy little bee. lol It's looking good.

jin said...

Looks great!

Love the birdy pic thrown in there, too.

LMAO at all the Home Depot trips. Isn't that ALWAYS how it goes???

Gnat of Glass said...


I was thinking of putting the "Floor" mat things in the shed. What do you think about that?


My father came over and split his finger out with the hammer. Which honestly I don't know how he did it because there is not a single nail in this. All Screws....Card made my day. I need to send more thank you cards.

Not Ashley,

Not done yet, wish I was. Still need to put the roof on and the door, and the sky lights. I think I scored some free glass last night. When that is done HUUUZZZAH! gona look good. I think I am going to be eating Chocolate cake it is what I have on hand.


Trying trying. This week got away from me already. If I can get the glass in tomorrow I will be ahead of the game. Just got busy at work. We will see.


Yea I am not sure what the bird was thinking when it landed on me. I bet he/she was freaked out about as much as me, maybe more.

Anonymous said...

A lovely piece of info!