Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away.

What is the deal with the universe? I finally decide to go put both feet into the fire with the shop and it rains for 3 days in a row? It honestly seems to happen to me like this, kind of a test. Every time I try to do something that is a little out of the norm something is thrown in my way to slow me down. In this case it is rain. I had a full week to get this done after work but I have yet to get a chance to actually work on it in dry conditions. I guess if it was duck soup everyone would have a shop.

On a side note it is glass night. I plan to make 2 large pieces tonight and some cups in the mold. Should prove to be interesting I have been told I will have some visiters tonight. I plan a Copper blue, Kobalt, and white with a body wrap or a lip wrap. Figure that out when I get there.

The Second piece is going to be and experiment. I plan to try something new. You guys will just have to see it. I think that I will just go ahead and do it in clear the first time...then next week try it with colors.

Also I am shipping out the last of the winners today, and I will start the next contest in the very near future. We are going to go with a "Guess the number of marbles" contest for a Beer Tumbler. I will go ahead and let the winner pick the colors.

I know I posted that picture before, but it was just a refresher to what I am talking about when I say "Beer Tumber".



Anonymous said...

i can see
why this one
went so quickly...

it's beautiful, gnat

that 'whirlwind' swirl in the pattern in this piece and some of the others you have posted here is the real deal -- nice work


The Phosgene Kid said...

You have to sneak up on the weather. Just say "I am not going to build my shop tomorrow" and the Wx will be fine. Wx can't tell when you are lying...

Thanks again for the lovely "Blue Gnat".

The Phosgene Kid said...

BTW, I love the patterning on the beer tumbler - gorgeous!!

jin said...

I agree with /t. & phos re the tumbler; I remember seeing it before & loving it!

Can't wait for the next contest!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Still raining???

EXSENO said...

I can relate to that, just as sure as I say tomarrow I going to do some yard work or something outdoors, I'll wake up to the biggest rain ever.

Gnat of Glass said...


Thanks! That pattern is actually very easy to make you just have to know when to apply it as that makes all the difference.


The blue gnat was my pleasure. The rain went away and so I prmoptly lost my plans. Always something.


Oh yes, the next contest is coming!


It reads my mind, if I want to be doing will rain if I don't it is perfect weather.