Friday, April 20, 2007

New stuff from last night.. PINK!

Ok this is going to be quick. This was a pretty much all pink all the time night. This is the largest of the vases. It was a squat vase about 12 by 6 inches high. I think it will go well in Studio B, which is all white and pink in the shop. Everything pink was made to go in the clothing store, I think only the larger piece and the standard bud vase will go. This is the bottom of the piece.
Here is a picture of the same piece this morning as I was walking out. Sorry these are just quicky picks of the pieces. We will take some more professional shots later.
Here is the top of the pieces. I think this will look great with a single flower in it.
Standard Bud vase. Cool pink and white.
The I Dream of Jennie bottle. It came out so symetrical it looks like a machine made it. I don't care for it that much because it almost does not look hand made.
Here is the best of the night, the large flop.
Here it is from the side. It is a heavy bastard and has a crack on the bottom so I will never sell it. I will add it to the Glass Garden in the back. Kind of like the island of unwanted toys...but glass.

Ok that is it, back to work.



HollyEQQ said...

Gnat - heehheee,
Those pictures don't even begin to do justice of those beautiful pieces. Particularly the red glass that got broken.
You are an amazing artist. I am truly inspired by your work.

Had fun chattin'. Tell your wife I said Hi and that I loved her colors and styles - she is a great art director!!
(the yarn girl)

poody said...

I hate Rush too so I thought hey let's look into this. WOW!!! HOw beautiful are these pieces? I have always loved blown glass and have secretly wanted to learn how to do it. You rock!

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Nice stuff. I like the shape on the bud vase.

Gnat of Glass said...


I will tell MiniMolli hi, but she checks the blog also so it might be moot.

She is my muse for sure.

Poody pute,

I even hate the Rush song on Guitar HeroII, and it has no words. Alas, I am sure there is a glass studio somewhere near you. Look around!


You would, your the only one that understands what it really took to make it. On my way to check your site, you got anything new?

Drama Queen said...

COOL. I actually like the one gone wrong but was always more interested in the bird with the broken wing. . .

Anonymous said...

you do good work