Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More work on the shed.

Ok I got all the glass cut for the shed. Neil up at the Belmont Arts Center gave me access to some tinted scrape flat glass he had in the back. All I had to do was cut it to shape. Cutting flat glass is easy...to do wrong. Either way I would like to thank Neil up at the Glass Factory in Pensacola for letting me have the scrape and showing me how to cut it "correctly".

I have a couple of really crappy pictures of it with the stops in place. In the second picture you can see my first bloody wound for this whole project. I slung a bit of blood round the floor of the shed and did a little voodoo dance to break it in.

Here is my day labor. He must have been a supervisor at his last job all he did was watch and bark orders.

Last but not least I had to add a picture of glass that I have not posted yet. I made this a couple weeks back but never got around to sanding off the punti nipple. It is all cleaned up now and ready to for the next booth sale. I think it will get marked around 200 as it is a very nice bowl. It is about 14 across and 9 inches high. Purple, Cobalt blue, and Copper blue. That is if I can get MiniMolli to let go of it. To the left of the bowl you can see one of the Christmas Balls I made last year. I have no idea why that thing is still on the living room table. Looks very Dr. Sues eh?

Ok that is it for today kids. I am up at the shop working tomorrow night if you want to drop by. I will be making....well.....I have no idea yet.




Jewels said...

Hey, when you're done with your shed, wanna come build mine? Just KIDDING! I'll have to buy a house with a nice backyard before I can get a shed...

But guess what? I FINALLY GOT MY MARBLES!!!!! Wait! that sounds funny. I finally received those glorious marbles you sent me, and her little highness was very, VERY impressed with her very own piece of kryptonite. Of course, I got to play with them all day before she got home from school. I'll be writing a post with photos A.S.A.P., they'll be on my "French Girl" blog.

Thanks again Scott, they're really gorgeous.

Jewels said...

Oh, and that blue/indigo bowl KICKS ASS!
Now, just a quick question: Do you have a pricing formula for your pieces? I'm just wondering how you price your work. Do you keep track of the material costs, and your time? (That's pretty much the basis of my formula)
Just curious...

The Phosgene Kid said...

Great bowl! Hope the pup doesn't develop a taste for your blood or you wont dare fall asleep!!

Not Ashley said...


I saw the marbles that you sent to Jewels..both very nice...that kryptonite one is really unique!

Love the bowl, and your "supervisor" dog--he's cute.

I will not comment on state of your shed this time, since my power of observation has been not so good lately, as evidenced by my last comment to you. LOL!

EXSENO said...

very nice.