Monday, April 30, 2007

Hot Glass Cold beer, or is it Cold Beer Hot Glass?

Well we had anouther great HBCG night. I made a couple of floppy bowls, they really are great for doing demos because people get to see how fluid glass is.

The above pictures where taken by Harry and Judi Purcell when they came by to see the demos. It is not often that I get a picture taken from the gallery and I enjoy them all, so a quick thank you to Harry for send me this. It was a welcome surprise when I went to work this morning stuck between the spam for Viagra and a Home Loan in my Inbox. Below you can see the cups that we made for people in the crowd along with the floppy bowl above. Which is the blue and white one on the right. The aqua one with the body wrap was made a little later. They will be in the auction at the next Hot Glass Cold Beer gathering next month. Which will be the last one for the year.

We made smaller tumblers this week, actually I only made a couple of them. I need to get more time in the shop next time to make a bucket load of them for all my buddies that come up to the shop. It is strange not to have glasses that I personally made for the people that I personally invited. Maybe I will have to hide them as they go quick, which is good and bad I guess.

Here is a shot of the annealer with the pieces in it. Top left is a tumbler that Austin made for a friend that was in the crowd. The large thin piece is a yard spike which Joe Hobbs made. They make them every Hot Glass Cold Beer night because they are to be quite honest very impressive to watch being made. The red piece was a colabritive piece between Joe Hobbs and myself. I made all the marbles that are stuck to the outside of the piece. It was the first time we have really made something together and it was fun. We realized a couple of things we would have to change to make this work out better, like me making the marble on the fly and not putting them in the annealer. They just got to cold.

The large Amber pieces was mine and I made it about the middle of the show. It was going to be a large spun out platter but when the punti just got way to sealed onto the bottom of the piece and it broke the bottom out at the very end. No one saw it break, but it is shame because it would have fetched a hansom price in the Auction next month.
Here is a close of up of the piece. It just goes to show you that you can work for a whole hour, put about 15 dollar in color, use 3 assistants, and still come about with nothing. ARG! This pieces was about 25 inches across and about 5 inches high. I think we will give it to Tim to use for jewelry so all is not lost!

Ok that is it for today kids.





HollyEQQ said...

Everything looks awesome. I missed this one but I will definitely make the last one!

I can't wait to see a close up of what you and Joe did together - it looks gorgeous.
Sorry about the broken piece, it is gorgeous.

Jewels said...

It's too bad about the amber bowl, love those colors.

Still enamored with the pieces you sent me, and the little one loves her piece of Kryptonite.

Those tumblers look great, you've got some very lucky friends ;p

jin said...

Great how the bowl looks on the end of that rod in the second photo. It's "glisten-y"!

Gnat of Glass said...


I know how that is. Did you ever get all the glasses that you paid from from the first night? If not let me know I will make the rest at the end of my rental night. I am sure they will not mind. You can even pick the colors.


Yea I am a little upset, but it was all for show. Still would have been great to get a couple of ducks for new pipes out of it.

I think the kryptonite is going to be one of my "huge" things. I have big time plans for it. Just watch once my shop in the back yard is up and going things are going to really take off.

Tumblers! I think I will have to do tumblers for the next contest!


It is quite moist looking. I think that had to do with the picture being taken from a very good photographer and not a point and click camera. He really got a good shot. I would like to add I kind of had a "returning from the dead" look to myself. The camera is not very forgiving when your physically whipped.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Probably don't want to pour cold beer into piping hot glass. I remember heating marbles and dropping them into ice water to get that cool "crazed" look.

The bowl looks fine - just glue a piece of felt on the bottom, drop in some fruit, no one's the wiser.

It was all beautiful. I would like to see glass blowing in person, I think that would be interesting.

Anonymous said...


i don't see
the problem with it

then again, gnat -- as you know -- if they all turned out as we want... that would be something, but it wouldn't be art


Anonymous said...


hot glass, cold beer
sounds pretty good to me


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

I agree that the bowl on the punty, looked very HD. Awesome photo, photographer & artist at other end of punty.

You are doing some good work.

Chris M.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Make sure you put a warning label on each beer glass stating the container wasn't designed to hold any crap beers like Budweiser or anything from Mexico or Italy.

Pouring lousy beer in those beautiful glasses would be like using a Picasso for a place mat.

EXSENO said...

Very nice all of it. Kind of a dangerous profession isn't it. I think it's a wonderful creative art form though.

Gnat of Glass said...


As you already know but some others might not is that I am building my own shop in my backyard. Webcam will be installed so you will be able to watch at some point.

Can't sell cracked stuff, it just keeps on cracking. Bummer.


I hear ya, thanks for the kind words. I am very hard on myself when it comes to something being the way I want it in glass. It might be the perfect thing to someone, but to me it did not do what I wanted. It was not may vision. Alas, some things are very precious just because you will never be able to do it again.


Stop your flattery. Don't make me come up there. Remember we need to have at Beer at GAS.


Thank you sir. More dangerous than what? Surfing? Working in a 5 x 5 cube protecting the Navy from hackers from China? What?..Everything is dangerous in it's own way, we just have to manage it. Of course fire, and molten hot lava is so much more fun to play with.