Monday, April 2, 2007

The Hot Glass Cold Beer gathering at Belmont Art Center

Well the Friday night gathering went very well. I rolled up the Belmont around 5:00pm and started to help get things set up. What I did not expect was that people would be there already. You ever notice that sometimes people just surprise you with how nice they can be. This happend at the HGCB gathering. People just wanted to be nice, maybe it was the free beer that came with the hand blown glass. I guess I willl never know, either way if you went and talked to me...thank you, it made my night to have everyone so possitive.

I started out the night for the shop. I cranked out a green and blue demo tumbler. IE> it will go to someone that did not get one Friday night, and then a second demo tumber all hand fashioned without the use of the mold. Just to give everyone a step by step of how different it can be making pretty much the same things. Then how different they look as well after I am done.

Ok here is the first Demo of the night, kind of a green with a little spread of blue on the bottom. This one is done in the wood tumbler mold. I would like to add that doing things in the mold are hard, but if you get it down it really can increase the speed you can crank them out.

Hand done from start to finish. I was telling everyone the step as I did this so it came out just a little bit wonky, but over all it was a good tumbler.
Here is anouther tumber I made with the mold. This one was done with a color called Iris Orange. Very cool, it sold before I got it off the punti.
Here is a shot of the one above and the next two that I made. They came out well, the last one has just a little bit of jack funk on it but turned out well.

The demo spun out bowl for the night. These always make everyone gasp and that is a lot of fun. Plus I can make them pretty quick as a crowd pleaser. We will auction it off at the next HBCG night. I just have to sand down the foot and it is good to go.

Ok that is it for today. Also, I would like to point everyone over to, which is the I Found This Glass blog I have running. It seems that one of my pieces is making it's way around the low US. They found it in Pensacola, then took it to Alabama, then it was found and thrid time, and that person is going to put it back out as well. SWEET! my plan is coming together. I am going to have to put more out now.



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