Friday, April 27, 2007

Bookoo Energy Drink, and Hot Glass Cold Beer Night..again.

It is that time again boys and girls. For the 3rd Hot Glass Cold Beer night at the Belmont Arts Center. I did not make as many of the cups this time around I have just been way to busy at work and at the house. I think I might have busted out about 12 of the 70 or so cups that they should have on hand. At last count they had 48 so I hope they got some more into the annealer so everyone gets one. This is the next to last Hot Glass Cold Beer Night at the Belmont. The reason for this, much to the dismay of many a glass watcher and beer fan, is that it is just getting to hot in the shop for it to be fun for the guests. As it gets more humid(that is a joke, it is damn near 99% humidity 24/7 here) and hot towards the summer it just becomes less and less fun to be around 2300f degree furnaces. The cold beer helps but not enough to brave that my fine feathered friends.

I plan on taking a 1/2 day today and going to...drum roll....HOME DEPOT again. Yea, I had two boxes of screws in my hand. Yes I tight wadded up and put one back thinking I would not need them, yes I have to make a trip back to get the second box because I am a mo. Ladedadedododo...story of my life. I have serious plans to finish this thing this weekend. Roof, finishing, door and all. Done I tell you, like a steak on the forth of July.

On a side note, Bookoo energy drink is as I have said before the best energy drink on earth. I love these things, maybe they will somehow see this little blurb and think it would be a great idea to sponsor me. I would be the only hand blown glass guy on the Bookoo energy team. Hey BooKoo I surf also, work on know your target audience..Hook a brother up and send me a case of the Zero Carb Citrus Triple Hit once a month.
I have a new goal, to get sponsored by Bookoo. Extreame Computering...or Glass blowing Mega Nut, or something like that.


MiniMolli said...
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MiniMolli said...

You got the mega nut part right! Like you need extra energy ;) You know I can always tell when you've had a BOOKOO.

The Phosgene Kid said...

You could blow a galas from which to drink your BooKoo.

I am a sugar-free "Full Throttle Fury" man myself.

Gnat of Glass said...


I am going to let the Mega nut thing go. It is just to easy, throw a curveball now and then, I can keep hitting the slowpitches out of the park.


That is a great idea. The BooKoo Power Glass. I like it. Consider it done....Now for the colors.