Friday, March 16, 2007

The Winner, and a couple of Pictures.

Ok so the votes are in: First pick by each voter is worth 3 points. Second pick is worth 2, and third pick is worth 1. Then we will tally them up and have a winner. Nysidra is standing in for Kim because I forgot to ask her. Plus, she reads the blog and I was actually surprised she did not comment...then again she has a bunch of my stuff already.

First place gets a paperweight with customer picked colors.
2nd place gets a Large Marble.
3rd Place gets a Small Marble.

So here are the results as follows. With a couple of pictures of the stuff I did wed. night.

CorkChop Vote:
#1.Picture of an object and guess the weight. - Jewels +3
#2. Upclose picture of an object and guess what it is. - Phos +2
#3. Marble count. - Plum +1

MiniMolli Vote:
#1. Upclose picture of an object and guess what it is. - Phos +5
#2. Picture of an object and guess the weight. - Jewels +5
#3. Liked the gift, but decided it was not repeatable and went with Marbles. - Plum +2

Nysidra:(aka Mrs. B)
#1. Upclose picture of an object and guess what it is. - Phos +8
#2. Picture of an object and guess the weight. - Jewels +7
#3. She did think the other options would work well, so she stoped at 2 options only. Then she broke it down on why they would not work well. I agree, just funny to watch a good programmer break down something like this as if it was code....

Non-Blogger friend at random asked what they think:
#1. Non of them, why are you giving away shit?!
#2. Why not ask each of the people that come to the blog to pick a color, and you mix them all together and have a community piece. Then have this contest to give it to the winner. How this is a pick is beyond me...but it was an interesting idea. Might end up being pretty ugly tho...
#3. If I have to pick, I want to her about your wierd stuff. - Dan +1

So it looks like the winner is Phos by 1 point, second place goes to Jewels, and 3rd place goes to Plum. So keep and eye out for the next contest in a bit. I think it will be a bowl or a vase.

Phos it seems was pretty sure he was going to win as he already gave me the colors he wanted...I will make the paperweight, and the 2 marbles in the same color tonight.
Here are the photos from Wed. night. I had 2 things break in the annealer and my hand is still gimpy so I am just making cups.

Three cups!

Inside the blue stripe cup.

This is mushroom and primrose talch powder with a clear wrap.
This is primrose on the bottom and silver blue on the stop with a clear wrap.

Marble and paperweights.

That is it, I will try to get with the winners soon!



Sloth said...

Marbles Hell those are small bowling balls!!!!!!!

Andrew said...

Can you put up a tutorial on making marbles?
I have been thinking of a contest, but can't come up with anything good.
How about the highest score in this game...
There is that one game where you throw the dude but I can't find the link. That is fun too.

Plum's Penny Dreadful said...

Hey Gnat!!! So excited. I haven't made marbles yet, while I seem to have an abundance of the paperweights. Soooooooo Exciiiiiited. YAY! When does the ACTUAL contest start?

The Phosgene Kid said...

That is some gorgeous stuff. I love the blue with splotches of red and yellow in it, very vibrant. You have some great pieces.

Jewels said...

I am a winner? Yay! I'm a winner!!! Hee! Hee!

Oh, I can't wait to see my big marble: I LOVE MARBLES! Sadly, I've lost all my old ones... ;) Your cups are gorgeous, I especially like the swirly in the bottom of the blue one. And that marble ROCKS! Looks like flames are bursting from it! Ooh, I like it a lot!

Thanks Gnat. This was fun. I think I may have to have one of these contests for my beadwork. Kewl!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I got to see some hand blown glass in Venice, it was very pretty.

Not Ashley said...

Gorgeous marbles & paperweight.