Monday, March 12, 2007

Once a week for three years.

A fellow glassblower, Plum, asked over the weekend how long I have been blowing glass. This is a trick question. The quick and dirty answer is 3 years...ok going on 4...but 3 years of glass blowing. IE> I have been exposed to the art of making glass stuff for three years.

Now the rub...When you ask someone "how long have you been surfing" everyone knows that you can only surf when you have waves. So everyone has equal time to catch the waves when they are up and everyone figures if it was good you where surfing. Now, when you ask me how long I have been blowing glass, I have to figure up exactly how to answer this. I could go for the shocker and say going on four years. Or I could go with reality, and say one day a week for the last three and a half years. This when you start to think about it that is not that long.

52 x 3 = 156 days. So if you really need an honest answer I have been blowing glass for 1/3 of a year. Then you could say that most glass blowers would work a 8 hour day. That is interesting, I only work 1.5 hours a night every wed. night. So, lets crunch these numbers a little bit more.

So 1.5 goes into 8 about 5 times. So 156 divided by 5 equals....31.2 days. So I figure if I had been blowing glass 8 hours a day, for a month I would be about as good as I am right now. That is scary...not true...but maybe a little true. I would be at least a little bit true. Glass blowing has a lot to do with muscle memory and hand eye work. If you work two days in a row you can really feel yourself get better. If you work for a week, you are often miles past where you where at the start of the week. So I really enjoy the times I get to work two days in a row.

Well that might have been more info than you wanted.....I could honestly look someone in the eye and say about a month right? Ok maybe not.



Bella Forte Glass Studio said...


Cool! I have had the same thought processes. You explained it better than I could have. I have felt, or been in the same quandry about what to say when people have asked. Interesting. . .
Chris M.

Plum's Penny Dreadful said...

Only a month??? You are a Glass Genius!!!! That answer, however, is quite heartening. If I keep at it with the classes, and then start renting practice time in a few months, I could probably be decent in about a year? That's a Year In Real Time!!

Sloth said...

See if you would make it over to Sacramento every once and a while I could get you 2 days in a row 8 hours a day. But big brother has only visited once in 6 years. Just redone furnace, 2 redone glory holes, redone lear. One of these days I will get some picture up on my page. I got the kitchen remodeled will post those too when I get the chance. Till then talk at you later.....

Gravity is your friend!!

Gnat of Glass said...

Did they offer up a discount guilt course in Cali or something?

I laugh at your feeble attempt to guilt me into coming to Cali. It really has nothing to do with not wanting to come and more to do with not having any time off to come. With Mini's grandfather and work issues in NYC I used it all up, and had to take time without pay as well.

I will get back out there before it gets to hot. Promise.


Sloth said...

Trying to guilt the big bro to the shop should no be a hard task if he just had the time. We both work hard and play even harder when it is time to do something. Thus the wedding brother had which was great and my kitchen which is finished after two and a half days of 12 hours working the kitchen. only thing left is the counter tops. When you are here we have fun.... eat at chipotle a lot....and make some nice glass. That Spruce Pine mix is nice. But till the next time I will just come on over to p-cola and work with you there.... Hopefully the door on the furnace is fixed and not shutting on it's own anymore!!!


Damsel Underdressed said...

Ok...that's way too much math for me! When people ask me how long I've been doing hair, I always answer, "Since I was five years old." It's true. All of my Barbie Dolls had haircuts. :) But in the eyes of the state, I have been doing hair for about fourteen years.