Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ok reposting all my old pictures.

Ok of of the following are older works. All most all of them have been sold already, expect the top one that MiniMolli will not let go of for any prices. It was a center piece at our wedding and one of her favorite pieces to start with. I guess I should go ahead and make some more stuff with copper ruby and pistacho(spelling?) again. I will try to give a quick note on each piece, but I can't be held responsible for what I don't remember. Also, as a first it seems that I have reached the max amount of picture storage for a day. I should get bonus points for that!

Ok this is a small collect below of some of the things I did about 2 years ago. The "potion bottle" shape is fire red and ivory from R. The first try at and inverted bowl is iris gold with clear body wraps, the blue potion bottle with red opal lip wrap, and the Ivory and coral red large bowl to the right side with the fern in it. There is a picture of the large bowl lower down. The small cup/tumber is iris gold with a little bit of blue/red frit. It was are really good first try at a good tumber.
Ok the best selling frit mix of all time. We have here Iris purple and kobalt blue...great piece that got shipped to Chicago. I think it was about 100bucks or so a couple years ago. I would make it up more now. They got a good deal on it. I could have sold this 20 more times.
I guess I should make a couple more.
Sold this to friends locally for around 140 bucks I think. Huge bowl about 15 inches across. That is pretty much maxing out our equipment here. I could make it larger if the equipment at the shop was bigger. Right tool for the right job kind of thing.

This thing vanished one day at the booth while I was getting a diet coke so I don't know if Mini got full price or made a deal on it. I had it marked at 65 I think.
Sold quick on our 2nd booth ever. 120 and I think the purchased 2 other things as well.

This piece was actully shattered into a million pieces to make jewerly. Kind of strange to think that this was broken up to make little trinkets.
But we have a couple and they are pretty damn cool.

I honest don't remember what happen to this piece I might still have it packed up somewhere.
This piece I had on my table for a year or so until I dropped it. I was pretty mad about that little mistake!
Sold this at the booth for about 125 I think. 13 inches wide with an ivory lip wrap and copper blue on the inside. It is hard to see in this picture but the inside is a different color than the outside. I really liked this bowl.
This one is gone as well. I don't remember who got it. I am pretty sure it sold at the booth at the Belmont Arts Center.
I still have this one I think. Kobalt blue, enamal white, ribbon stripes.

Sold this one but don't remember where. It has my x-mas colors on it and it was crazy thin. I mean it is so light people would pick it up and put it back down becasue they though they would break it by holding it. It was lighter than a dollars worth of quarters.
The three amigos. I have the brown one still, red one sold quick, and the yellow one is in CorkChops sisters house. I need to make some more of the middle ones they sold really quick and are super fun to make.
Pumpkins!!! these where from 2 years ago. I am much better at them now.

First Swirl vase every. I called this my Pineapple Vase. My parents friends have it. It was about a month into my glass blowning and one of the very frist things I gave away as a gift. Man did I think that thing was cool. It was thick, heavy, and really yellow! In a stragne way I wish I still had it because I remember thinking I would never make anything better...that was 3 years ago.

Close up of that tumber from above.

That is it, they will not let me upload anything else....

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jin said...


All that detail is absolutely AMAZING!!! Like the stems on the pumpkins...the stripes in the bowls...the rims on the bowls!

Just wow.

Great stuff Gnat!

Oh...btw...you are evil. I followed your youtube link at phos' place. I'm watching thinking 'Why in the hell am I watching this...it's boring!'
I know you have a good sense of humour tho...so...I kept watching anyway & OMG! I am probably cursed for laughing so hard at someone else's misfortune like that. :-)