Friday, March 9, 2007

Ok got the new Blown Glass this morning.

Here we go you get to see how the rake ended up. Here is the ordinal rack picture while it was being made again. This was done by putting a body wrap on the piece before the clear encasement. After the body wrap you need to take a torch, map gas or other kind, and heat a line where you want to put your rake in. That is use some kind of hook or pick to drag across the surface. I let the piece get really cold so it gets nice and stiff, then I use the map gas to heat just a line from the moil to the tip to get just that one area hotter than the rest of the piece. Then I do a shallow heat so just the surface of the piece gets nice and ripping hot but not moving at all. Now because I used the torch on that line it is all nice and soft and I can use the rack to really pull though it nice and easy. I say that because most of the time it is not all nice and easy. In this case I pulled from moil to tip on one side, then moil to tip directly on the other side. Then repeate the process of heating a line, then pulled from tip to moil(the part when the pipe meets the glass) in the middle of the pull downs. This will give it that really cool tiffiny feathered look.
Crappy picture here but I was in a hurry outside the shop. Although you get a good idea of the finished product. As you can tell it opened up nicely and it will make a pretty damn cool pendant light. I just have to drill the hole and fashion the lighting swag.
Here is what that same piece looks like on the inside.
Couple of marbles I made when I was waiting to assist. I make these really quickly it might take me about 4 minutes start to finish. Just playing with different colors right now. You know what I might do is start using each color I have just to get an idea what they all look like. I just have to stop giving/selling them right after I make them.Ok, here comes the week more pendants and Friday is Gallery night in Pensacola. I will be doing live demos at the shop so if you are in town come on by between 5 and 9pm.


Not Ashley said...

Hi Gnat

Put up some of my paperweights on my blog, per your request.

Ryan said...
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Bella Forte Glass Studio said...


Really nice pendant light. I have yet to experiment with raking, can't wait to do that. I really think the purple fluted bowl looks cool as your photo. Looks really classy the way you took the photo just showing part of the bowl. Did you see the phone number to call about that Dante Class?
Chris M.

jin said...

That WILL make an AWESOME pendant light!!!
LOVE those lighter/softer colours together!

jin said...

HA! Cool! I just noticed you set that *perfect bowl pic* as your avatar!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I love the colors in the top pendant light. Beautiful!!

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

In response to your comment on my website, I also look forward to meeting you in Pittsburg at the G.A.S. Conf. and watching everybody do what we wish we could do!
Chris M.

Plum's Penny Dreadful said...

Firstly: Yall are going to the GAS conference??? I was thinking of going. I would really love to. Secondly---how long have you been blowing glass? I am trying to gauge what kind of progress I can make. getting impatient.

Andrew said...

Great stuff man. I am digging the photos.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have one of those as a paperweight. They look great. Good post.