Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gallery Night In Pensacola - Belmont Arts Center

Ok so I get to work twice this week. I am very excited about that and as a bonus....one of the nights is free with a built in "future glassblowers". I say this because every time we have a gallery night we end up signing up at least one person to come take a class.

A little info about Gallery Night. It is once a quarter on the 2nd friday of the month most of the time. All the shops that are on the main strip, (mostly Palafox street) stay open until around 11pm or so. Most of these shops have something to do with Art. Either they are a Gallery, trinket shop, jewerly shop, or a random shop that holds artist work inside. Like the local news publications and eateries. This basically becomes one large street fair of Art once a quarter and I must say I enjoy doing it. They give out free wine and cheese and some of the shops have the local artists there if they house a bunch of their work and you can talk to them. A couple years back I purchased a very large paiting by an artist transplant from New Orleans after the hurricane. It was way out of my price range, but it really hit me hard. Part because my wife and eye got engaged in NOLA, I knew the spot that was painted in the picture, and my wife just loved it. I got it for her and surprised her with it. I think it is really one of the only times she was truely surprised by something I got her. I even had the artist deliver it, that was his idea so she could meet him. I think I still bask in the good mojo the paiting provides in the living room.

Anyway, Gallery Night... Pensacola really has fun on this night and the Belmont Arts Center always has it's doors open for demo glass blowing. This Friday, Kim and I are the glass blowers for the night. I think one of the other groups of artist might be there to mix it up with us also. That would be neat to get to work with some people we normally don't get to work with. On Demo night/gallery night everything we make is for sale and the proceeds are donated to the arts center. We just do it to have fun and make a little money to buy new equipment to keep everything going.

So if you get a chance drop on by.

Belmont Arts Center
401 N. Reus Street
(Inside the Window Factory on the corner of Belmont and Devilliers)
Pensacola , Florida 32501


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The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't think I will be dropping by, but it sounds like a lot a fun and a good way to advance your hobby. Have a good time!!!