Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Contest.

Contest winners please e-mail me your shipping address: Scott@novota.com

So, Phos I have the paperweight from the shop that I made. Cool little twister in two shades of blue. I have do some cold working on it then I will be ready to ship it.

Jewels and Plum: I have the marbles as well, they are pretty neat little dodads.

All I need is you guys to send me the shipping addresss and they are away. On side note I have to rebuild my media computer...right after I got it working I had the OS hard drive crash...I should have replaced it but could not bare the thought of giving up 120gig drive just to be safe. Guess that backfired on me. No worries I know someone that fixes computers...even if I don't care for him that much he is a slow worker and bitches a lot.

My wife now has the power to edit my posts...I wonder if she will correct my speelling?!


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