Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quicky Glass Blowing post.

Hold on this is going to be short and sweet.

#1. I found the little camera. YEA FOR ME! So the just out of the annealer picks will start up again.

#2. Mold Blowing is a whole different way of blowing glass.

#3. We made 5 large beer tumbers before we saw the annealer was hosed and only at 560f.

#4. At the end of 2.5 hours of 3 people blowing non-stop we have approx 30 tumbers. 2 people blowing, one person assisting. It was fun, but man did it make me tired. If I did that everyday I would really be in shape.

#5. The tumbers are huge! Well...ok huge is a maybe not the best way to describe it. They could hold 2 beers easy.

#6. I have no idea why comments where not turned on for the last post. Also why 1/2 of this sentence was not showing up. Blogger is acting strange the last couple of days.

That is it, be back soon just have lot of work to do today.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Marbles are away! - Hot Glass Cold Beer!

Ok 2 of the 3 marbles are in the mail heading toward our lucky winners. Jewel's Marble is delayed mostly because I am a very pushy person and wanting to include something for the her daughter. So she will have to wait until next week.

I took picutres of the paperweight and the marbles before I had them boxed up. I will post them later, I don't want to kill the surprise before they get there.

On a side note we are having the Hot Glass Cold Beer gathering at the Belmont Arts Center this weekend. I am going to be doing a bunch of the tumblers that they give away to everone tonight. I was going to do them last night but something came up with Joe and things just did not happen as planned. I will actually be pretty impressed if he is able to get his goal of 100 tumblers by Friday, even with my help. Anyway here is the PR release that is in the paper and on the Belmont Arts Centers Website:


Friday, March 30th - 5 - 9 p.m.

$20 - Gets you a hand blown glass to keep. Also enjoy complimentary beverages*, fun glass demonstrations and more! Bring your glass cup back from the February HGCB event and your donation to the Belmont is only $10!

WHY: Help buy new equipment for the glass blowing studio and help build our fund for future scholarships to potential young glass blowers.

THANK YOU SPONSORS! - New York Nicks and The Handlebar

*Patrons must be 21 years of age with valid ID for consumption of adult beverages. Please drink responsibly.

Drop by if you get a chance, I should be there doing at least one demo...mabye two!



Monday, March 26, 2007

Return to the living...

Ok so the stomach thing was really bad, but I think I have finally made it over the hump. I am still nursing it a bit, but I will be working in the shop 2 times this week. We have a "Cold Beer, Hot Glass" thing this Friday and I will be helping make the bulk of the drinking glasses that are given away. I believe that we will also be auctioning off some stuff as well, not sure what exactly but something other than drinking glasses.

Also going to give you my "Glass Artist of the Month" link:

I am going to start off with the big guy, the one with the patch. Some glass artist hate him, some want to be him, some want to copy him. No matter what you have to say about the guy he has raised the water level around everyone and does some pretty amazing things no matter how they get done. So if you guys want to see some really amazing stuff follow the link, I give you:

I would love to be able to pretty much be able to make anything he has cranked out at the boathouse. You will notice a lot of inspiration from a lot of natural plants, animals, and sealife. His nested work, like the one above, is currently being copied by a lot of people but in all honestly it is nothing new. He just did it better, with more flare, and a lot of skill. He also made it pretty damn amazing.


Friday, March 23, 2007

I had an alien moment.

This is what I think was in my stomach. If any of you have seen the original Alien then you know the world of hate I was in for the last 36 hours. I swear to everything that is good with this world that I would not have been surprised to see this little bastard pop out of my midsection and run across the floor. I got to shop on Wed, and it hit me like a load of bricks. I was down an out until about 2 hours ago. Anyway, no glass happend but I did give the tub a good run on warsack paintings......The end all be all, stomach flew/bad food/etc...whatever it was may it never return ever ever again.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Change is good!

MiniMolli put a couple of changes in on the blog. I really like the black background and we will fix the top picture. Once I get the media computer back online we will get some new pictures up.



The Contest.

Contest winners please e-mail me your shipping address:

So, Phos I have the paperweight from the shop that I made. Cool little twister in two shades of blue. I have do some cold working on it then I will be ready to ship it.

Jewels and Plum: I have the marbles as well, they are pretty neat little dodads.

All I need is you guys to send me the shipping addresss and they are away. On side note I have to rebuild my media computer...right after I got it working I had the OS hard drive crash...I should have replaced it but could not bare the thought of giving up 120gig drive just to be safe. Guess that backfired on me. No worries I know someone that fixes computers...even if I don't care for him that much he is a slow worker and bitches a lot.

My wife now has the power to edit my posts...I wonder if she will correct my speelling?!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Made the newspaper.

Check this out. This was in the Pensacola News Journal. Step one to my road to being famous, steps #2 and #3 will take much more work. Doing a demo on Gallery Night making a purple and blue flutted bowl. Purple...Blue...Flutted...I was appealing to the masses. They actually gasped when it was spun out. Ended up being about 15 1/2 inchecd across at the top.

I have a burn on my wrist, it was 4 gathers and had about a bubble inside the size of a grapefruit at this point. I think we heated it about 3 more times and got it to the size of a basketball, transfered it, then open up with jacks. Wish I had some sofietteas(speeling) like big wood jacks, but I worked with what I had. That is Kim putting the air pressure on it and anouther friend Rick blocking my arm. We must of had about 300 to 400 people file in and out Friday night. I have the piece in the truck so I will add the finished product picture to it tonight.

Bonus: I made the paperweight and the marbles for the contest Friday night as well. As requested it is 2 different shades of blue. Just going to have to figure out how to get your addresses without coming off like a stalker.


Friday, March 16, 2007

The Winner, and a couple of Pictures.

Ok so the votes are in: First pick by each voter is worth 3 points. Second pick is worth 2, and third pick is worth 1. Then we will tally them up and have a winner. Nysidra is standing in for Kim because I forgot to ask her. Plus, she reads the blog and I was actually surprised she did not comment...then again she has a bunch of my stuff already.

First place gets a paperweight with customer picked colors.
2nd place gets a Large Marble.
3rd Place gets a Small Marble.

So here are the results as follows. With a couple of pictures of the stuff I did wed. night.

CorkChop Vote:
#1.Picture of an object and guess the weight. - Jewels +3
#2. Upclose picture of an object and guess what it is. - Phos +2
#3. Marble count. - Plum +1

MiniMolli Vote:
#1. Upclose picture of an object and guess what it is. - Phos +5
#2. Picture of an object and guess the weight. - Jewels +5
#3. Liked the gift, but decided it was not repeatable and went with Marbles. - Plum +2

Nysidra:(aka Mrs. B)
#1. Upclose picture of an object and guess what it is. - Phos +8
#2. Picture of an object and guess the weight. - Jewels +7
#3. She did think the other options would work well, so she stoped at 2 options only. Then she broke it down on why they would not work well. I agree, just funny to watch a good programmer break down something like this as if it was code....

Non-Blogger friend at random asked what they think:
#1. Non of them, why are you giving away shit?!
#2. Why not ask each of the people that come to the blog to pick a color, and you mix them all together and have a community piece. Then have this contest to give it to the winner. How this is a pick is beyond me...but it was an interesting idea. Might end up being pretty ugly tho...
#3. If I have to pick, I want to her about your wierd stuff. - Dan +1

So it looks like the winner is Phos by 1 point, second place goes to Jewels, and 3rd place goes to Plum. So keep and eye out for the next contest in a bit. I think it will be a bowl or a vase.

Phos it seems was pretty sure he was going to win as he already gave me the colors he wanted...I will make the paperweight, and the 2 marbles in the same color tonight.
Here are the photos from Wed. night. I had 2 things break in the annealer and my hand is still gimpy so I am just making cups.

Three cups!

Inside the blue stripe cup.

This is mushroom and primrose talch powder with a clear wrap.
This is primrose on the bottom and silver blue on the stop with a clear wrap.

Marble and paperweights.

That is it, I will try to get with the winners soon!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time to have some fun.

Ok here is the deal. I want to do something fun for everyone that reads this. I am going to have a contest, and the winner gets a piece of hand made glass made by me. The first prize is going to be a paperweight. I have not made this paperweight yet and that is going to be part of the fun. You will be picking the colors, and I will decide how to make it. Arrange it. Then I will make it, cough...cough...ART! As and added bonus I will give out a 2nd and 3rd place prize and maybe use those contests in the never know. So don't be shy, come up with something!

Ok Glass Contest#1: Prize is a hand made paperwight from yours truely. To win this first time, you need to come up with a really cool way for me to have a contest in the future. Something like guessing a number is not what I am looking for here. I want something a little more interesting but can be done with not much work. I figure anything that takes more than a 5 minutes is to much work.

Exaples would be and are already in the running:

Movie quote: I am a move quote master. Problem is google, you guys will just type it in.
Song quote: Same thing as above.
Name that Tool: I kind of like this one...requires a picture, can't look that up on google.
Who's Anna Nichols baby's Daddy: Funny, but not practical.
Real or Fake: I don't think I would get away with taking random pictures of women for very long.

I will let CorkChop, MiniMolli, my glass partner in crime Kim, and Myself as I tie breaker in case Cork, Mini, or Kim comes up with a great idea and is in the running.

Suggestions on how to make the site more interesting are welcome as well. I aim to please....


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gallery Night In Pensacola - Belmont Arts Center

Ok so I get to work twice this week. I am very excited about that and as a of the nights is free with a built in "future glassblowers". I say this because every time we have a gallery night we end up signing up at least one person to come take a class.

A little info about Gallery Night. It is once a quarter on the 2nd friday of the month most of the time. All the shops that are on the main strip, (mostly Palafox street) stay open until around 11pm or so. Most of these shops have something to do with Art. Either they are a Gallery, trinket shop, jewerly shop, or a random shop that holds artist work inside. Like the local news publications and eateries. This basically becomes one large street fair of Art once a quarter and I must say I enjoy doing it. They give out free wine and cheese and some of the shops have the local artists there if they house a bunch of their work and you can talk to them. A couple years back I purchased a very large paiting by an artist transplant from New Orleans after the hurricane. It was way out of my price range, but it really hit me hard. Part because my wife and eye got engaged in NOLA, I knew the spot that was painted in the picture, and my wife just loved it. I got it for her and surprised her with it. I think it is really one of the only times she was truely surprised by something I got her. I even had the artist deliver it, that was his idea so she could meet him. I think I still bask in the good mojo the paiting provides in the living room.

Anyway, Gallery Night... Pensacola really has fun on this night and the Belmont Arts Center always has it's doors open for demo glass blowing. This Friday, Kim and I are the glass blowers for the night. I think one of the other groups of artist might be there to mix it up with us also. That would be neat to get to work with some people we normally don't get to work with. On Demo night/gallery night everything we make is for sale and the proceeds are donated to the arts center. We just do it to have fun and make a little money to buy new equipment to keep everything going.

So if you get a chance drop on by.

Belmont Arts Center
401 N. Reus Street
(Inside the Window Factory on the corner of Belmont and Devilliers)
Pensacola , Florida 32501


Monday, March 12, 2007

Once a week for three years.

A fellow glassblower, Plum, asked over the weekend how long I have been blowing glass. This is a trick question. The quick and dirty answer is 3 years...ok going on 4...but 3 years of glass blowing. IE> I have been exposed to the art of making glass stuff for three years.

Now the rub...When you ask someone "how long have you been surfing" everyone knows that you can only surf when you have waves. So everyone has equal time to catch the waves when they are up and everyone figures if it was good you where surfing. Now, when you ask me how long I have been blowing glass, I have to figure up exactly how to answer this. I could go for the shocker and say going on four years. Or I could go with reality, and say one day a week for the last three and a half years. This when you start to think about it that is not that long.

52 x 3 = 156 days. So if you really need an honest answer I have been blowing glass for 1/3 of a year. Then you could say that most glass blowers would work a 8 hour day. That is interesting, I only work 1.5 hours a night every wed. night. So, lets crunch these numbers a little bit more.

So 1.5 goes into 8 about 5 times. So 156 divided by 5 equals....31.2 days. So I figure if I had been blowing glass 8 hours a day, for a month I would be about as good as I am right now. That is scary...not true...but maybe a little true. I would be at least a little bit true. Glass blowing has a lot to do with muscle memory and hand eye work. If you work two days in a row you can really feel yourself get better. If you work for a week, you are often miles past where you where at the start of the week. So I really enjoy the times I get to work two days in a row.

Well that might have been more info than you wanted.....I could honestly look someone in the eye and say about a month right? Ok maybe not.


Friday, March 9, 2007

Ok got the new Blown Glass this morning.

Here we go you get to see how the rake ended up. Here is the ordinal rack picture while it was being made again. This was done by putting a body wrap on the piece before the clear encasement. After the body wrap you need to take a torch, map gas or other kind, and heat a line where you want to put your rake in. That is use some kind of hook or pick to drag across the surface. I let the piece get really cold so it gets nice and stiff, then I use the map gas to heat just a line from the moil to the tip to get just that one area hotter than the rest of the piece. Then I do a shallow heat so just the surface of the piece gets nice and ripping hot but not moving at all. Now because I used the torch on that line it is all nice and soft and I can use the rack to really pull though it nice and easy. I say that because most of the time it is not all nice and easy. In this case I pulled from moil to tip on one side, then moil to tip directly on the other side. Then repeate the process of heating a line, then pulled from tip to moil(the part when the pipe meets the glass) in the middle of the pull downs. This will give it that really cool tiffiny feathered look.
Crappy picture here but I was in a hurry outside the shop. Although you get a good idea of the finished product. As you can tell it opened up nicely and it will make a pretty damn cool pendant light. I just have to drill the hole and fashion the lighting swag.
Here is what that same piece looks like on the inside.
Couple of marbles I made when I was waiting to assist. I make these really quickly it might take me about 4 minutes start to finish. Just playing with different colors right now. You know what I might do is start using each color I have just to get an idea what they all look like. I just have to stop giving/selling them right after I make them.Ok, here comes the week more pendants and Friday is Gallery night in Pensacola. I will be doing live demos at the shop so if you are in town come on by between 5 and 9pm.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Belmont Arts Center Glass Shop Pictures

Ok so, this is our pipe cooler. This is basically a 30 gallon drum with water in it. It has a fish tank pump that pulls water into the angle iron you see. When you put the pipe in the angle iron the stream flows onto the pipe and collects in the angle iron cooling the pipe. Always cool from the back to the front otherwise you will push the heat from the hot part of the pipe to the cool part...where your hands are....
This is our pipe warmer and cane tray. If we pre-heat the pipes a bit it really speeds up the application of punts, bits, and starting new pieces. Just be sure to get all the soot that builds up off the pipes before you gather or you will get all kinds of bubbles. You can't put a cold pipe in hot glass or #1 the glass will not stick to the pipe, and if it does it will be full of cracks and bubbles. #2 It also shortens the working life of the pipes.

Sorry for the sideways pictures here. I am getting a giggle just think of all of you truning your heads to the side to look at this. You are looking at the fabbled Electric Gloryhole. Some would say this is an evil bastardization, I say it is all we have. Ok that is a lie, we have propane glory as well but we never have any propane so we use what we have. This is where we reheat the pieces that are on the pipe so that they become soft enough to shape. Each piece goes in and out of this thing any number of times each time getting a little closer to the shape we want as it cools and hardens up. We have about between 8 and 30 seconds of shaping time each reheat. This glory holds a temp of about 2300f...and yes it is hot anywhere near it.

This is a picture of our electroglass furnace with the door cracked so you can see the heat. It is about 2150f in there. It has a big old pot that holds 140 pounds of molton clear glass. Everything we do starts clear...after that it is only limited to what your skills can handle and your brain can come up with.

This is a picture of my tools. The shop has tools, but I figured I would build my own shop one day and I wanted my own set. I have everything but a puffer. Looking at them they need a good cleaning. As you can tell they are old school tools, in fact they really have not changed for over the years...just better steal. Would you believe that most of my shaping is done with the wad of is a very old school art form..very hands on I think that is why I like it so much.

This is about the middle part of a piece that I was working on last night. It is Iris Brown with Silver Luster Blue. This is design is called a rake, I call it feathering when I go both up and down. This design has been around for as long as glassblowing has. It is easy to do it poorly, and hard to do it right. I did a ok job with this one...but I raked it a bit deep and caused the center to pull some clear. It is going to be a pretty cool light pendant for sure and I really hope it lives. This is the thrid try for the night if you look close you can see the broken bits of the previous 2 tries on the floor. Yea, floor models happen...I was 2 for 3 on hitting the ground last night trying to make this.

Ok that is it for today. I will try to get some pictures of the above when it comes out of the annealers. Before I drop it off at Urban Objects (that is who ordered the pendant but left how to do it up to me)...Hope they order more it was fun to make.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ok well I found a way around it! INCOMING SCUDS!

Ok here we go again. I have to post the pictures to my personal website that I use for e-mail then just hot link them here. No worries that will work.
So below is one of the first pumpkins I ever made. I will be having one big giant pumpkin party this year and I plan to make about 125 pumpkins of all colors and sizes from my own shop. This one was from about 3 years ago.

This was a vase I made to test out a new color mix. A friend purchased it and I have had about 5 people ask for ones in the same frit mix. I need to order more of these colors, you will see a bowl that has this group of colors below.
My boss has this pumpkin. She snagged it as I was walking into work with about 15 of them. It was and still is a pumpkin that I make. The stem is gold, and the body is dark purple and yellow/gold. It really looks better of the light stand than on it.
Pensacola Beach sand in this paperweight. I was testing out a new design.
Just the white ribbon bowl from early posts. You can see the purple in the inside and that just really sets it off.
Fun free form paperweight. I think I sold it for 40 bucks 2 booth shows back.
Loved these bowls. One was on display at a local resturant and was stolen. I guess that is a complement. The other, blue one, is missing in action. I know I sold it just can't remember to who.

Anouther Hurricane Ivan paperweight. These where made with sand that blew up 11 stories into my parents condo on the beach. I took them and put the sand in paperweights with different colors. They really turned out pretty cool.
Coral paperweight. CorkChop has this one.
Blast from the past right here. I found this looking for old pictures. That is me about 10 years ago surfing on Pensacola Beach. about old school look at that old Hanson Cardiff long board on those "no fear" shorts. I though I was pretty smooth back then, what a riot.

Ok that is it for today.



Well this is strange.

It seems that I don't have any room to move more photos up. I was hoping that it was a one day limit. That does not seem to be the case. I guess I will have to figure out anouther way to do this....ponder.....


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ok reposting all my old pictures.

Ok of of the following are older works. All most all of them have been sold already, expect the top one that MiniMolli will not let go of for any prices. It was a center piece at our wedding and one of her favorite pieces to start with. I guess I should go ahead and make some more stuff with copper ruby and pistacho(spelling?) again. I will try to give a quick note on each piece, but I can't be held responsible for what I don't remember. Also, as a first it seems that I have reached the max amount of picture storage for a day. I should get bonus points for that!

Ok this is a small collect below of some of the things I did about 2 years ago. The "potion bottle" shape is fire red and ivory from R. The first try at and inverted bowl is iris gold with clear body wraps, the blue potion bottle with red opal lip wrap, and the Ivory and coral red large bowl to the right side with the fern in it. There is a picture of the large bowl lower down. The small cup/tumber is iris gold with a little bit of blue/red frit. It was are really good first try at a good tumber.
Ok the best selling frit mix of all time. We have here Iris purple and kobalt blue...great piece that got shipped to Chicago. I think it was about 100bucks or so a couple years ago. I would make it up more now. They got a good deal on it. I could have sold this 20 more times.
I guess I should make a couple more.
Sold this to friends locally for around 140 bucks I think. Huge bowl about 15 inches across. That is pretty much maxing out our equipment here. I could make it larger if the equipment at the shop was bigger. Right tool for the right job kind of thing.

This thing vanished one day at the booth while I was getting a diet coke so I don't know if Mini got full price or made a deal on it. I had it marked at 65 I think.
Sold quick on our 2nd booth ever. 120 and I think the purchased 2 other things as well.

This piece was actully shattered into a million pieces to make jewerly. Kind of strange to think that this was broken up to make little trinkets.
But we have a couple and they are pretty damn cool.

I honest don't remember what happen to this piece I might still have it packed up somewhere.
This piece I had on my table for a year or so until I dropped it. I was pretty mad about that little mistake!
Sold this at the booth for about 125 I think. 13 inches wide with an ivory lip wrap and copper blue on the inside. It is hard to see in this picture but the inside is a different color than the outside. I really liked this bowl.
This one is gone as well. I don't remember who got it. I am pretty sure it sold at the booth at the Belmont Arts Center.
I still have this one I think. Kobalt blue, enamal white, ribbon stripes.

Sold this one but don't remember where. It has my x-mas colors on it and it was crazy thin. I mean it is so light people would pick it up and put it back down becasue they though they would break it by holding it. It was lighter than a dollars worth of quarters.
The three amigos. I have the brown one still, red one sold quick, and the yellow one is in CorkChops sisters house. I need to make some more of the middle ones they sold really quick and are super fun to make.
Pumpkins!!! these where from 2 years ago. I am much better at them now.

First Swirl vase every. I called this my Pineapple Vase. My parents friends have it. It was about a month into my glass blowning and one of the very frist things I gave away as a gift. Man did I think that thing was cool. It was thick, heavy, and really yellow! In a stragne way I wish I still had it because I remember thinking I would never make anything better...that was 3 years ago.

Close up of that tumber from above.

That is it, they will not let me upload anything else....