Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A little Change is good.

I am taking this blog back to it's roots. We are going to be all glass all the time from now on. I burned the old blog to the ground to start over.

Now that the new camera is work and I can actaully start taking some pictures and posting them I think I will enjoy this much more.

Wed night more to come. I will update the pictures tonight or tomorrow. Some of the old ones, and the new ones that where up yesterday.



The Phosgene Kid said...

I enjoyed the old blog, The glass is nice, but you're posts were fun and interesting. I'll stick with my random ramblings, but I am looking forward to seeing some of your glass... I won't mind of some of Gnat's life creeps in!!

jin said...

No new glass pics!
You glass pics!
*jin waits patiently*

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Hey Gnat!
I've enjoyed the previous blog style and will also enjoy the more exclusive glass emphasis. Like Jin said ... "new glass pics!"
Are you still going to build your studio? If so, how's it going? Will your furnace be gas or electric or do you know yet?

OnLineDatingDiaries said...

Glad to see you taking the blog back to its roots. BTW- the bowl you made is currently enroute from Chicago to LA. It's very well traveled.