Friday, December 28, 2007

More cups than you can shake a stick at!

Ok so most of you know by now that I have been building a shop. Most of you also know that I have been waiting on my brother to get here so I could build the hood.

Well Ryan got here and so did my controller for the kiln to be turned into a lehr(annealer to cool down the glass). Now this would be really cool if it had not also caused us to throw all our plans out the window and just go crazy blowing glass for days on end. So the hood did not get built but Ryan and I got some serious time in at my new shop and have already started working out the kinks. We decided to just make cups. That sounds like a simple task no?

Ok I lied, I made a metric truck load of oraments for family and friends then we made nothing but cups. I should have taken pictures of those ornaments they where the best I have ever made. Very 50s. Mini might have taken a couple pics I will check with her when I get home.

Then we launched in the cups. We had tons of visitors from my Uncle Chuck to the Parental units on down to friends flopping down and drinking beers as we worked. It really turned into the kind of place I was shooting for. I looked around at any given time and people where just there to be there. No agenda just hanging out and having fun.

I may have made a pumpkin or two....I just can't shake them...I feel the pumpkin blood runs deep.....



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We have power!

Ok pretty much all the power is done. I can at this point run everything in the shop. What I need to do now is build the hood, get the field box for the annealer and we are done. I really can't believe that I am this close to being done. I say that loosey goosey because you are never really done.

Anway, Ryan (my brother) is coming home for Christmas and we are going to work on getting the hood built. If I have any luck at all the field controller will show up while he is here and we can bang out a bunch of stuff. If not we will just play around and put what we can in the mini annealer. Either way we will be making some glass this christmas.

Tonight I need to crank out one final pumpkin before the new year for Mini's grandma who is visiting right now. I also need to crank out a couple more ornaments and a ring holder.

Last week I finally got the big pumpkin done in the colors that I wanted it in. Billy your stuff is done we just need to figure out how to get it to you. I was waiting to finally get that BAP done. It just did not want to happen for some reason.

So that is it for today. I will try to get some pictures up after tonights shop run.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Got to love a good parent.

Don't worry about those Jackhammer lady your kid is a lost cause. Only thing she is missing is a 6 pack of beer.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot Beer Cold Glass....ops.

I ment Hot Glass Cold Beer! Everyone says it backwards I have no idea why. Come down and join us if you can. I will not be working at the demos tonight and will only be there in a "Stand back and watch the magic" kind of way. I might have to have a beer or two.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

ALO again.

Man these guys are on the perma rotation in my Ipod. I am really hooked on "Lady Loop".

AOL - Roses and Clover
I got a feeling your no angel!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glassblowing time in Pensacola is here again!

Ok maybe not at my own shop, but Belmont is calling. I have a slot tonight from 6pm to 9pm for those of you that are new to the blog and based on my logs that is about 4 new people a month. Not bad.... I think...

Anyway, seeing as I have not done this in a bit I will let you guys in on what I am making tonight. I plan to make MAGIC! Ok maybe not magic but something short of really cool. Months back I did a multi piece install at StudioB and had a ton of fun with it. Jenny at Studio B is an amazing designer and has some really top notch fashion. At least that is what MiniMolli thinks because I am pretty sure she gets one of everything that the girl sells. Until she starts to stock mens designer boxers I am out of the loop. Back to the point. I have taken all the, what I like to call, "monster ornaments" and put them out in my front yard in the tulip tree. Now the tulips are not busting out like in this picture as it has the typical "winter death" look right now. This does give you and idea how big this tree is.

But what it does have is about 8 huge hanging ornaments on it. I am going to try to make 10 more tonight to hang from it for the rest of the season. I have already had 3 people ask about them....I will post a picture once I get them all in the tree on Friday.



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The ditch is dug

Well the power run to the garage is about 50% done at this point. I would like to say that a ditch witch will kick your butt if you give it half a chance. I am honestly surprised that I did not loop off a limb in the process. That damn thing threw me around like a rag doll half the time.

The 400 amp service is on the house, the panels are in place on the house, the ditch is dug, pipe is down, line is run, ditch is covered back up, panel is on the garage, and the lines are being put in today in the garage.

I can smell it my friends oh yes....


Monday, December 10, 2007

The Belmont Bizzare (sic)

So this weekend was the Belmont Bizzare, yes that is sort of like mix between I assume Bizarre, Bazaar, and some kind of Pensacola Translation for Business like "The Bizz". To be honest Corkchop and I have had quite a few talks about this odd spelling and if you know me at all for me to be correcting someone elses spelling is ironic in and of itself.

The Belmont Bizzare this year was indeed bizarre. I will go on record and say that the very first one was a smashing success. People came out of the wood work for that one and I was very surprised by the sheer numbers of people. That was before christmas and everyone was looking to get stuff for family and friends I assume. The next Art Sale was in the summer and was to be very honest pretty slow. I attributed this to it not being christmas and people not looking for gifts for family and friends.

This years Belmont Bizzare was like the summer art sale. Now the weather was not the greatest so that might have had a little bit to do with it, but you can really tell a drop off in the customer base. I still did pretty good because we had basically taken everything that we had and marked it down 50%. I sold about 1/2 of the glass that I had stored up and that was great. I honestly don't believe that I would have sold much of anything if I was not marked down to the prices I had. I know for sure that everyone around me sold next to nothing. In fact two people sold exactly that...not a single thing.

Alas, I don't know what to suggest to get this show back on track. I know that after talking to people about it there was come things that came to the surface.

#1. No one is making anything different. It was the same stuff as last year. (customer feed back)

#2. Price points are either to high for what is there or the filp side they think this show is bottom feeder art and they would just rather go to the Gulf Coast Arts the month before.(customer feed back)

#3. They dont' like coming down to the Belmont. (customer that did not come)

#4. They did not know about it. (Me, and everyone I talked to)

Now I think that a lot of it is #4. Everyone that I personally talked to about it or e-mailed did not know about it. I think the single most important thing that could be done to make this a better show would be to figure out how to get the word out better. I think you could make a huge push one time and then ride on the rewards of that for years. Just look at the Gulf Coast Arts Festival they do next to no adverts now that they are established.

Anyway, it went well for me and I hate that it did not go well for others. I think they are going to have problems filling booths next year.

On a side note one of the elements droped into the glass pot last night. So I got to see my fist Si-Carbide element floating in molten glass. Cool looking, but not productive and one big pain in the arse for the Belmont. Sometimes that place just can't catch a break even when everyone is trying to make it happen.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Belmont Bizzare(sic) this Sat. Come one come all.

So some of you may know that I am having a fire sale this weekend. With the creation of my shop I am doing a purge of all my current glass. What does that mean to the average Joe? Nothing but all you fine people know that I am selling everything at 50% off at the Belmont Bizzare.

It is was very strange to go look at the glass that I had made over the last 4 years. I still have stuff that is dated 2003. Not that any of it is horrible or bad just different than what I make now. In fact some of it is so different, and made at a different skill level, I am not 100% sure that I could make it again.

The only things that are going to be normal price at the Belmont Bizzare are going to be the ornaments and pumpkins. Although I have quite a few pumpkins on the 50% off tables. That is because they where the ones that I felt where just a little bit off. I don't call them pumpkins I call them gords. They are all still pretty cool but what I consider seconds. Alas, for 10 bucks they are pretty darn nice.

Ok so wish me luck.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some shop pictures and Glass Orniments.

The wall of tools. As you can tell I have purchased maybe more than I need. What is it about tools and guys anyway we can never quite have enough of them.

What I like to call "The Mini" which is in no way an relation to MiniMolli. Ok other than they are both small and cute. When I get the electrical all fixed up this will become a bead annealer and color bar pickup over. Right now it is where I am putting all the things that I make at the home shop to cool down. As you can tell it is not very much room considerting I have made pieces that are bigger than this thing.

This is the burner for the glory hole. It is a Gibberson burner and man does it put out some heat! It sounds like a jet engine when it is at full tilt. I run it at about 20% and it is plenty hot for my samll glory. When I built a larger one I can just use this burner for it as well.

The Furnace. It is currently holding only a 40 pound pot in it. Which is just fine because I could not use the 80 pounds of glass anyway. Again, in a couple of years I will have to upgrade. I have plans my friends oh yes...I have plans!

Ok here we have a collection of some of the orniments that I have made over the last week.

Little bit closer view on some of them. I think all of these have already sold.
Here are the sacks full of "base glass" or "cullet" that I use for the furnace.
Close up on an orniment that is to grace a tree in Indiana I think.
One last picture because I like them so much.

I worked all last night and made a couple more pumpkins for special requests. I tried to make a "BAP"(BigAssPumpkin) for a friend as well but for the second time it has not worked out. I think that is really has something to do with my process. I am just going to have to work it out.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Glass blowing in the back yard.

I really enjoy making stuff in my new shop. Granted I only have the really really small annealer right now which pretty much hamstrings me into only making only really really small stuff. It is interesting the amount of glass that I can cram into a 1x1x1 foot space.

So I have been making shells and christmas orniments.

Pictures to come.


Monday, November 19, 2007

More Pumpkin pics.

This is my first try at some "artistic" pumpkin pictures. I might add this one makes an awesome desktop background! These are my new colors that I got in the other day and I wanted to test them out so I made the same sized pumpkin in each color.
Here is a non-artistic picture just so you can seem them all. Pink, green, orange, red, and pink again.
Here is the Yoke that I have been working on. Next is the heat shield. I will try and pick up some sheet metal tonight and get to welding the frame for the heat shield tomorrow.
**Disclaimer - MiniMolli is not responsible for my picture taking **

Friday, November 16, 2007

Flashback Friday!


Chad, Jason, Kendal, and Scott.


Jason and Scott.

Every picture here is over ten years old.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Online Glass Web Store

Ok guys I hear you. It has been something that Mini and I have been kicking around on the back burner for quite some time now but we have never offically "talked" about. I think maybe the time has come to actually build the online site. is where the new site will be. I will still be updating this place much more than that but I will be posting most of the pictures there and just linking them.

I have to get with MiniMolli and see how much she will charge me to make it. I could make that site but honestly it would not be anywhere near as nice and take me twice as long. So the online store will be up sometime in the near future(months).

On the shop front I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon fabricating a yoke and roller stand for the glory hole.

[insert picture here]

The hood in Pamana City Beach did not work out as it was just way to big for what I needed. I am just going to go ahead and fabricate on myself. Now that I know what I need to do it is just a matter of getting up off my butt to do it.

I also need to go check on my 400amp box which should be in now. Baby steps.



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I had a great night.

Ok last night is going down as the official first night of glass blowing at Strong Street Studio.

It was a good night for so many reasons. It was the first time we where able to keep anything that we made in the studio so that makes it the first real night of work. I got to work with MiniMolli in the back yard in our own studio. I got to relax while drinking a red stripe to cool down and not worry about the time I was wasting.

Four Acorns, 3 marbles, and 2 drinking glasses. One of the acorns looks like it fell from the ugly tree and hit a couple branches on the way down but I don’t care. Our shop! They are sitting in the mini annealer cooling down as we speak. I plan on lighting that puppy back up tonight as well. More acorns, more marbles, more drinking glasses.

Strong Street Studio…I think I need to make some shirts now.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bring the Shop online for some fun.

Loaded up the scrap from the demo night and brought it online. Welding the rollers on the yoke tomorrow right when I get home while everything is getting hot.

Figured out he color box so that I can use it as a mini make shift annealer. MiniMolli and I are going to make some really small things we have an order for. Seeing how the Belmont is having some serious thermocoupler issues and I might not get to work on my night I will just get by with the mini annealer to have some fun. Maybe Kim will see my post and drop by tomorrow night to have beer and a go. We might even be able to do it tuesday night as well depending on how things go.

Hi Kim.

I am going to pick up the hood in Panama City Beach on Sat. as well as get my hands on my 400 amp breaker box for outside the house. It is all getting real now. Hold on kids everything changes the moment that the electrical gets run and the hood is up.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Glass pumpkins pictures as promised.

Glass pumpkin pictures. Now I will go on record and say that these pictures do not do the pumpkins justice. Glass pumpkins just need to be held.

Mini took a picture of each pumpkin so that I could look back on them next time I make them and figure out what color combos I want to use next time. The Glass Pumpkins are really quite fun to make and I still have to make a hand full of them once the furnace is back online.

So here is what I call the nubby pumpkin.
This one is actually deep ruby red. The picture browned it out a little bit.

I like this one, Amber and gold.
More Amber with a back stem. You guys think Mini likes the amber ones?
"The invite pumpkin" in it original color.

Ok so this is it for the Glass Pumpkin Pictures for right now. I am not sure how many I can break away from Mini's death grib on the file folder. Apparently they have become placed in the "CPV" creative pumpkin vault only to see the light again next year.

Glass Pumpkins

Ok I just called MiniMolli she is going to send me some pictures of my glass pumpkins that we took before we had the party. Now that it is over I will start posting a couple of them for fun. They are so cute.

Incoming glass pumkin pictures......


Monday, October 29, 2007

Glass Blowing Blues.

No new stuff. Equipment is shut down.



Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Tunes.

To keep on track with my Friday music here is what I am listening to today.

Matt Costa

I find his music very easy to sing and just kind of mumble along to in the same way a lot of the slower versions of Beatles songs are. This is the Cd that Mini and I throw into playlists when we have parties and such. Great for just unwinding.

"Yellow Taxi" is strong with the Beatles force. "Songs we Sing" is anouther that sounds like John should rise from the dead and start singing with him.

If I had to discribe this album in one word it would be "Soothing".


Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Belmont and My shop.

Ok so the Belmont is down and out. Joe Hobbs busted up the ElectroGlass furnace to replace the pot. Now for the last couple of years we have been working out of a pot that Luke Jacomb had secured for us from Guadalupe Glassworks when our other pot cracked and started to leak. What Luke did was get us a smaller pot that would sit inside the older one. The smaller one that was nested was a 100 pound pot that was about 1/4 the price of the original. It lasted two years! The draw back was that we lost 40 pounds of capacity. Now the Belmont has used some of the "Hot Glass Cold Beer" fund rasing money to purcahse the invested crucible that is made specific for it's furnace. The smaller pot has finally fractured and at 1/4 the cost was about the smartest temp fix ever. What they, ok Joe has to do at this point is take the whole beast apart. Take a hammer and chisel to the hardend cooled glass and basically chip it out to get the invested pot into the furnace. We really hope this lasts 3 years otherwise the investment in the invested will not vest. So the Belmont is going to be down for at least a week if not more. Get that? Got it? Good!

Anyway back my shop. Last night I put the wood rails on my steel glass blowing bench and painted it black. Along with the marver. They are now pretty much rust proof and I wish I could say that same thing about my tools. I am going to get with my Uncle Chuck real soon and get his advice on how to put a hood in this thing as well as track down my electrician for the 400amp push. I figure that the hood and the electric are the only things holding me up at this point. I sure would like to get this 100% in the next couple of weeks but I think it is going to take longer. I might actually fire everything back up again for fun and make some acorns for practice.

EW!! I have to order glass to melt...and get controller...and get...and get....


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here comes the rain again.

No words have ever been more true. MiniMolli went up to Indy to help with some family stuff and has left me here all by myself for about a week. Now you might be thinking "Wow Gnat you can do whatever you want!". If that was the case I would have been out working in the studio getting all the 10% things done that are left over from the Grand Opening. The studio was ready for demos but not to actually fully work out of. I still have quite a bit to finish up including the last electrical run from the new 400amp box. Get the annealer 100%, and getting a hood in place. Granted I don't have to get the hood done but it would help me sleep at night.

The sky opened up and poured it's heart out on Pensacola the day that Mini left. It has not stoped long enough to drive to work let alone get out and do anything in the studio. It has been in a solid state of precipitation for a 6 days. Ok Sat there was about 5 hours it did not rain, but it did rain hard that day so I am counting it. I have every manner of mushroom growing in the yard and flowerbeds from all the rain. The Bamboo is shooting up new combs just because it thinks it is monsoon season and the cats sit and the window all day looking for the Arch to float down the street.

There is something in the back of my mind that keeps poking my brain that once Mini steps off the plane all the rain will go away, the sun will come out, and a rainbow will form above her with doves flying up to the heavens backed by that stange musical cord that sounds like angels. HAHAH I kid, I need more time to clean the house I have a mess here!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1st Annual Strong Street Studio Pumpkin Party

As promised here are some pictures of the Strong Street Studio Glass Pumpkin Party in Pensacola Florida. That sentence was for the search engines...

Now for the good stuff. Here I am about 2pm on the day of the party just as we got all the pumpkins out of the packing and after I set up all the display pallets. Great idea my dad had for making the pumpkin display out of pallets I think. What you see here is about 180 glass pumpkins and me...with my alter ego.

Here is a close up of the front of the group of glass pumpkins. Pretty much everything you see here is gone. I think I only have about 12 pumpkins left and of those maybe half of them are on hold for people to come pick up. I also have orders for about 20 more.

Here is a closer picture of the back end of the pumpkins. The one that it on the invite is in this crowd. Bianca Lee purchased the invite pumpkin and did not even know it until she paid for it and MiniMolli told her.

This is the only picture that we got of the bigger display before the everyone started picking off the their favorites. It was so much fun to see everyone pick one up and say "I love this one" then put it down and go "No this one!...Wait look at that one!". This is about 10 minutes into the offical opening.

Now we are about 4:30 and people are really starting to roll in. We had the light all strung up and a free bar with beer and wine. I even had a bartender! Thanks Kendal!

Here is a shot of the glory hole, marver, and bench. We have not started up demos yet but I would guess this was about 4:45 or so and there might be about 50 people here at this point. I think before the night was over about 250 people went in and out of my back yard.

Below is the night before the party. We needed to give the equipment a once over before we did demos the next day. Here is the first offical gather from the furnace. That is Kim in the background opening up the furnace for me. If you look close she is grinning like a mad woman!

This is the glory hole all fired up and reheating the first piece ever at the new studio.

Here I am putting the side walls on the first piece. It was a drinking glass and you can see Kim's son Conner in the background. He is a future Master Glass blower. He is quite good already. Dig MiniMollli's red chairs.

Once last parting picture. Me grinning while looking at my first gather ever in my own shop. I was trying not to smile.

Thank you to everyone that came to the pumpkin party and grand opening. It has blown me away how many people came, purchased, and wished me well.

I would also like to take some time to thank the people that really put in and helped me out.

Ed for understanding how important this was for me and helping me every chance he got.

Dad and Mom for always being there on the spot to lend a hand.

Kendal and Tina for really knocking it up a notch and leanding a huge hand at the party.

Tim, Mike, Joe, and Rick for helping at the Belmont any chance they could.

Mike DeSorbo for kicking out the awesome food.

Kim for being the engine that never died in the shop. Helping me make all these pumpkins and always there to listen to me bitch and vent about how things where not working as I planned. You where a driving force that had endless energy.

Last but not least to my wife and best friend MiniMolli: It could not happen without you. You are the best thing that has ever happend to me and this would have never ever happend without you. I could write 20 pages about everything you did, helped with, or made happen. You are my muse.



Sunday, October 14, 2007


Just wow!

It went great...better that great...It was awesome!

I will be back to give everyone the low down and dirty with pictures.


Friday, October 12, 2007

A chill is in the air... one day left

Just a reminder...

Progress is going very nicely. Will be sure to post some photos of the setup soon.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Glass Blowing Wed. Night

Last night was that last glassblowing slot I had before the Pumpkin Patch Party/Grand opening. Now lets start this off with how many things went wrong. My glass partner in crime has not been talked about much here because well I did not know how much was "ok" to talk about with her. Some people don't like their lives all over the interwebnetthing. Anyway, we had a little pow-wow last night and I have the green light to pull her into the fox hole with me. She was already there she was just the one hiding behind the sack of ammo waiting to surprise you.

Anyway, as everyone that works knows things get out of control. I would even go so far as to say control is an illusion and it is just ordered chaos. All manner of things went crazy at work for her last night and it is amazing she even made it to the shop at all. We started a little late which was not a issue as it all worked out, but what happend after that what is really interesting. I would love to spin a tail of how it went to shit and we pulled it all out making 30 pumpkins. That my friends is not even close to what happend. It was fun however because of the fact that we finished well past my pumpkin number goal over a week ago. The fact that everything was breaking, and stems where hosed, and pumpkins where just not working did not matter. There was not any stress around it at all. There was actually no problem at all as we just kind of laughed at the comical folly of it all. There was just us enjoying that fact that we made it. Sometimes a bad night is really not a bad night at all. It is a bad night that was fun because we where so far ahead of the bell curve it did not matter and it dawned on us that we could walk out right then and there. It turned into a nice night of watching things break and talking about our week.

Then as if a magic hand came down and touched us we made the most crazy cool acorn ever. It was out first try at it. I had mentally figured out how to make it but we had never tried to make one. If that one comes out, if it lives to see the light of day without breaking it will forever kind of remind me of this journey. How we stressed out trying to make this goal, prepared, beat the system and had one hell of a bad day at the end. Alas, it changed at the last minute and became a great day with one piece "The Acron". In a way it is interesting that it was and acron. Something so small that starts out to grow into something huge like a oak tree. Maybe this was some kind of signal that everything is now on it's way. I can't wait to see the TREE!

Kim I know you did not want me to change my posts or say anything but that is just tuff. Without your spirit, your encouragement, and your help the march to 168 pumpkins would never have made it. Your wrong when you say "I would have found someone else", you are as much a part of this as I am.

Thank you.


PS. I got a fortune cookie Tuesday night that said the following:

"You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Flattery - Someone ripped off my design!

I have a wonderful friend that makes baked masterpieces. Every now and then she has some fun and makes a cookie in the form of someone she likes. Today seems to be my lucky day as one of my bowls got the nod from her demented sugar encrusted mind.

Go See the Cookie version on my Green Bowl.

"The Jin" as she is called by her loyal followers makes this...this...really really good chocolate oblivian cake that I order. I only let myself get it twice a year because it would be as big as a house if I got it every time I wanted it.

I wonder if I will get the cookie....

Ok to the shop:

Remember all that yard work I had listed. I got 2 of the 6 yard works done. Cleaned up a lot. Not much more to say about it other than it is down to yard work and cleaning.

I did fire up the Glory Hole (reheating furnace) last night and it sounds like a jet taking off. Holly smokes is that thing loud. I mean that from a lit it up in a close garage with all the door shut kind of way. Once the studio is open I don't think it will sounds so much like living in the muffler of a 67 chevey.

Signed and numbered all the pumpkins I had missed a couple or skipped a number here or there. Mini caught that real quick. "Hey where is pumpkin 39?".

That is it for now real work to do. I am going to call Mini and get her to post some pictures if her day is slow. If she does I will come comment on them.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oct. 9th - 5 day out - The List Maker.

Putting this up again because you can't see it unless you scroll down. Plus we are getting close!
Click above for full size!

Making lists is the only way that MiniMolli can keep me on track. It is not that I don't work it is that I will work on 20 different things and get them all 80% done. If I don't have a list I get most of the way done then think "hey I will come back to that it is pretty much done" then well you can figure out the rest. With a list I get to mark something off when it is done and I have no idea why that works for me but it gets me to finish it because I refuse to mark it off a list if it is not 100%.

Next post I will have some pictures of the shop. I am not so sure that Mini will let me show them. She might go take some more because I don't really take my time with pictures like she does. You will get 1/2 a bench with 1/2 of my index finger and maybe part of my right foot in the picture.

I did however finish up the wood seat on the bench and all that is left is the rail stops and the 1/2 hardwood rail cover. The cover is optional but would be a really cool touch. Going to get the gas for the glory on the way home today 2-40 pound tanks. Also need to do a bunch of touch up on the electrical and ...drum roll.....yard work.

Until later with the pictures.



Monday, October 8, 2007

Oct. 8th - 5 days out...missed a day.

Ok sorry I missed a day. This one is going to be light as well. I will try to add some pictures to these post soon but I am just to busy working.


Cutting and Welding Marver done! - Scott
Cutting and Welding Bench done! - Scott
Shelves Done! - Molli
Signs - Done! - Molli
Painting the garage - Done! - Huge Molli!
Moving all the equipment into place - Done! - Molli and Scott
Painting the Outside Work Bench - Done! - Molli
Clear the garage - Done! - Molli
Get Palets for Display - Done! - Scott

Ok I am sort a bunch of stuff but honestly I could go on for hours with this stuff. MiniMolli has done so much I might have to take her to Norway or something for vacation.

Things left to do before Sat:

Cut the wood for the bench seat.
Paint the bench.
Paint the marver.
Make displays for the pumpkins.
Run outdoor lighting.
Yard work...tons and ton of yard work.
Buy booze.
Yard work.
Kiss Molli.
Yard work.
Get with Mike Desorbo and get the food ordered.
Test fire the glory hole.
Test fire the furnace.
Test fire the color box.
Kiss Molli.
Do more yard work.
Kiss Molli.
Go to Ozones for Pizza.

I am sure I am missing a lot of things here I don't have the to do list in front of me. I am sure there is yard work on it to do.


168 pumpkins total - Done! - Scott, Kim, Tim, and Molli

I have counted them twice now...I would like to go on record as saying that my parents took one. So that is 169, and my friends have taken a 4 of them so that is 174 and one of them was liberated from the shop by someone with no soul at all. IE> Rogued. 175 was the end total everything from this point on is just "experimental". Back to the rogue, who steals a pumpkin?

So I have blew my goal of 120 out of the water.

I will start making only clear pumpkins Wed. night which will be the very last pumpkins I make this year. I am going to save the very last pumpkin that I make at the Belmont then take the very first pumpkin I make in my own shop and have a contest with them. One for the people that come to the grand opening and one for my online friends. Those that come and are online get two chances.

Ok that is it for today. I did not spell check this or read it so it may be really disjointed and horrible spelling. I will come back later and check it. Later guys.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oct. 6th - 7 days out. One week and counting.


We counted the pumpkins last night and signed them all. MiniMolli actually just walked into the office where they are all on the floor and raised her hands up over her head and screamed "PUMPKINS!". As of right now we have 168 pumpkins total! Crazyness I tell you!


MiniMolli spent the day cleaning the shop, painting the shop, sweaping the shop, moving everything around in the shop, moving everything back around in the shop, and all around just making a bunch of progress in the shop. Me, I was up making pumpkins..surprise surprise. I did get and chance to figure out that welding is not something that happends overnight. I need a lot practice laying out a bead...or is is beed? Either way I think that I have the voltage turned down to low I will have to check into that tomorrow.

Progress is at hand my friends.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Oct. 5th - 8 days out - Time is a waste'n

This one is going to be real quick guys I have a truck load of stuff to do today.

First off I have been telling everyone what I am listening to for the week and it has become my Friday thing so without any more gilding of the lilly I give you:

The Bravery: The Sun and the Moon

Current favorite song is "Every word is a Knife In my Ear" and here are the sample lyrics.

Every word from your mouth is a knife in my ear
Every thought in your head is like poison to hear

You think he is hating on some girl? Just a guess...

Now the quick update:


Did nothing on it last night I was just way to tired. I got my drawings and such together and I am off to the Bell Steel to get angle iron and what not. Then off the the welding shop to get a 220 single phase Mig welder.


Have not picked them up yet but that is after the run around to get the supplies. This will be the single biggest pickup I have ever had so I am looking forward to seeing them all in one spot. 33 pumpkin pickup!

I will update as I go and try to get some action shots of the studio coming online. Well ok me working in the studio...ok MiniMolli working in the studio me drinking and sitting in the shade.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oct. 4th - 9 days out.

Took a bit of time off this today before noon to go by the Metal Fabrication shop to pick up my drop steel plate. 18 inches by 36 inchs for my first glass marver. Think of a metal table with 1/2 inch metal as the table top. We use this to shape and cool the glass as we are working it. I also picked up a 1 1/2 inch male to male treaded close for the burner.

Now that I have these two things I need to go purchase a nice welder and get to work on building the bench and the marver as well as a test burn for the glory hole. I figure that I should have the marver, the bench, and the everything test fired by Tuesday. If I don't there will be problems in Scott Land.

On the pumpkin front everything went pretty well last night we had time to just chill because we are more in the "hey lets see how these colors look" and "Lets make some strange shapes" mode. Made a couple gords but 2 of the shattered. Did a lot of orange with green stems, then switched into purples, yellows, and golds. This Sat. I will try and do some blue, green, and maybe stanger colors. Try some bar stock or something.

That is is for today, 9 days left...tick tick tick...



Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where are the Gnomes when I need them. Oct. 3rd - 10 days out.

Well I know it has been a couple days and I am here to give you and update on the progress. We are inside of the 10 day count down. I plan to update the blog every day to give a running break down of what kind of crazyness I am dealing with. I am going to go ahead and leave out that I am working my day job and just focus on what I am doing at the studio.

Last night I made 16 pumpkins. I think that I only lost 3 of them which is pretty good. When I say lost I will let you guys in on a little secret. Glass never works out the first time, only works out the second time half the time and the third time only some of the time. Got that? I knew you guys would be with me. Short story is glass breaks..a lot!, it falls on the floor, it cools wrong, or any number of a hundered things go wrong and a pumpkin dies and early death.

I think the total number of pumpkins right now stands at just around 110 give or take 2 in either direction. We have not put them all out at one time yet but I am just itching to do that. I want to hold off on a "group photo" until I have my "upper goal" of total pumpkins. Ok so it was a dream to have 120 pumpkins for the party but it looks like short of and equipment fubar I will make that tonight. Everything after that is going to go toward funky pumpkins...IE> crazy colors or shapes.

I have completed the wall build on the far side of the garage maybe MiniMolli will put up a picture today if she reads this. We only have to get the shelves and the lights up to finish it. I put the glory hole and the furnace together into it's final stages last week as well. I am missing a part for the Glory Hole but I am looking for it at the local hardware shops. Should be test fired by the weekend. I am going to go buy a welder this Friday, lots of angle iron, some square pipping, and get to work on the bench and marver.

Cross your finders we are in the home stretch.


p.s. Suring agian as much as I can. Jellyfish still really hurt. It is true that you forget pain.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 1st Annual Pensacola Pumpkin Party

Well it looks like I am going to get this thing done just in the nick of time. I have the glory hole in the garabe, the furnace is ready, and all I need to do now is get the bench and marver built and I am good to go! If you are in Pensacola and can swing on by we are going to have drinks and food with live glass blowing in my new shop. I am a bit stressed about all this and to be honest it has been nothing but and uphill battle to get this done. Alas, if everything was easy everyone would do it. I just want to work in my backyard so bad at this point I can taste it.

MiniMolli made these invites up and sent out about 100 of them over the last week. I think she did an amazing job, I just hope that I have enough pumpkins for the party. I am currently sitting at 80 pumpkins as of last night. I am shooting for 120 for the party. I hope I run out but I also hope that everyone that wants a pumpkin gets one. I guess I should think about having an order form or something. Maybe I am just to optimistic about how many people are going to show up and that everyone will want a pumpkin. Anyway wish me luck, grand opening and pumpkin party with beer and food. How can you honestly go wrong?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok I am back boys and girls.

Sorry that I did not make any inspired posts about Seattle I was way to busy out on the town. So much to see so little time. If I had to bottle Seattle up and give you the cliff notes version it would be as follows:

Seattle is to the layman's eye something like the mirror image of a other cities. I say this because it has a very "east feel" to it. It has that NYC or Boston feel without the gutter funk. It has more room to take a breath and to relax. I told someone just today Seattle is like NYC if you took away all the gime, all the hurry, and replaced it with more art and a recycle bin.

If NYC was a person they would be the CEO of a company that is perpetually late for a meeting all the time...go.go.go.go. Seattle would be the guy that sold the company to the CEO in NYC and is sitting down to drink his morning Startbucks out of a recycled cup. Seattle has it's own drummer, but is marching to the same beat. You can feel the energy just below the surface. Just can feel it.. it is a low hum that kind of vibrates the city. Where in NYC it is blasting from the horns of every car, every person, every nook and cranny.

Where NYC is loud, Seattle is bright. Where NYC is fast, Seattle is quick. Where NYC is expensive, Seattle is pricey. See everything is just a little off plumb. Not enough to say they are the same beast, but enough to say they spawned from the same DNA at some time in the past.

Seattle felt a little more like home to me. I don't know how else to really say it other than that. Pensacola is so far removed from Seattle that they would more likely be different countries. I say that it felt more like home because I felt more at home there. I could see myself living in Seattle and really enjoying it. Maybe one day I will have to give that a try.

Oh, yea and lots of glass.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Flight out.

Getting on a plane is not one of my "Hey that sounds like a bunch of fun" moments. Let me make this clear, I am not scared to fly in fact I kind of like the act itself. What really chaps me is everyone else I have to deal with. The exotic dancer with a bad case of the burbles. The two kids that are sitting next to me that have been given enough sugar to kill a rhino. The lady that has a bladder the size of a tennis ball but is drinking out of what I can only describes as a 2 gallon bucket of coffee. I always get an isle seat…always. What this means is I got to see this woman’s coach, in coach, as her coach bag whacked me in the head for the whole trip to Atlanta. She would talk about pretty much anything. Honestly this woman would not let me get a word in and let me tell you that is saying something cause I can talk with the best of them.

After getting off the flight to Atlanta I figured that I had made it over the hump. Beat the system. It was all down hill from here you might say. Wronger words have never been spoken. As I am working my way down the belly of the beast that is going to trap me for the next 5 1/2 hours I see what I will from this moment forward to referred to as “The 26th row of hell”. You see my friends karma is a very angry cop with a new tazer and he treating me like he would a drunken frat boy with a surly attitude. His version of payback is now displayed before me as the cutest little kids in the 26th row, two of them, in 26a and 26b, and you just know I am 26c. Tense is the word that comes to mind when I see this. It is not that I don’t get along with kids, I do…honestly I am just a huge kid so we relate on many levels. Pokemon…I got you dog, bust out bulbasaur on that guy. See I am worldly. The problem is I have trouble sitting still for hours on end can you even start to fathom being 4 or 6 years of age and sitting still for more than 5 hours. Neither can they and they only lasted about 5 minutes after the plane left the ground. They climbed over me, kicked the seats, kicked each other, kicked me, made farting sounds, made farting sounds to see who was loudest…longest...and I quote here “Most Dad like”. At some point this turned ugly and the real ammo came out to win the game. I will leave this with the parents speaking in some garbled speech pattern I could not even pick up on. I would like to mention that they where across the isle and found no need to switch with me. They where on a little mini vacation and I was the gimp that got to handle the hellions! At about the 4 hour mark they ran out of steam and the older one fell to sleep on my left arm. This was a welcome relief until he started to drool.

I am going to need a vacation after this trip.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Photo Caption Time!

MiniMolli and I had a the pleasure of going to a great party this last weekend before I left for Seattle. Here is my favorite picture from the night if for nothing else you just wonder "What the hell is she looking at?

So lets caption either a. what is going on here, or b. What is she saying?

I will start off and I will go with b.



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seattle - Intro

Ok guys so I am in Seattle this week and part of next week. 56f up here and I got off the plane with flip flops on. This place really is a different world. Kind of has a north east feel to it only because that is all that I can think of that would be worth of standing it up against.

So sorry to say there will not be any posts about my shop but, and this is a huge but, there is going to be a fare amout the trip. I could write a whole post on my flight out here....seriously.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Music Selection: ALO

ALO - I am listening to this today...all day!

My Pick Today:
Song: Barbeque
Album: Fly Between Falls

My Pick from Yesterday:
Song: Lady Loop
Album: Roses & Clover

Kim's Pick from glass on Wed. Night:
Song: Girl, I Wanna
Album: Fly Between Falls

umm ummmummmm yea
I come over early in the morning
I am like a heat wave without warning
and when I touch you my heart begins to flutter because your smooth and creamy like peanut butter.

Honestly can you go wrong with lyrics like that?! You want more?

So turn out the lights, bring out the candles, wrap your arms around my love handles.

COME ON! that is musical gold.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shop update.

Ok so I spent about 5 hours on the shop last night. I built a new shelf for the shed, cleaned out 3 truckloads of crap, and realized that I am a lumber packrat. I have wood from every project that I have ever started, finished, or thought about. Here is a picture of a newly shorn garage wall where the glass display is going to be. Right there, by the surfboards....

Below is the annealer and the glass furnace. I told you guys they where small. Believe it or not the one of the right hand side is my furnace and it will hold 80 pounds of molton glass. The one on the left is the smaller of two annealers that I will have running once the whole shop is 100%. Right now I am at about 60% with the last piece being the Glory Hole (Reheat Furnace) and it is being built now. Actually I need to build the benches and the Marver as well and then I will be close to done.

Here are the two pop out walls from the inside. As you can see the electrical is not done but we are getting there. That will all be cleaned up before the opening. There two pop out will let the whole place feel open. You can also see my nice collection of blow pipes stacked up in the corner.
Now a quick pumpkin preview. As you can tell I took this picture and do you want to know how you can tell. It is out of focus...Minimolli will cringe when she sees this picture. She might even go so far as to replace it. Anyway PUMPKINS!

EDIT: Oy, yes - you betcha I replaced that photo, crazy man... My apologies for those exposed to the previous photo. - Mini



Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Someone today asked "Hey, Scott where were you on 9-11?"

Instead of telling them I showed them. I took this picture on 9/11. In anouther you can see MiniMolli in the forground on her blog. I just don't have words. There are more pictures on her blog, she does a better job of expressing the feeling about that day than I do.



Monday, September 10, 2007

Big trouble in little Pensacola.

You guys ever have one of those days that just starts off wrong and just keeps getting more wrong? Then the only way out is just to sit back and laugh at the wrongness? Laugh your giddy little head off as you spiral down the wall of the cliff landing on your face in the 9th ring of hell.

Yep that is how it goes for me on Sat.

First I screw up and heat up someone else’s work in the annealer. This causes an 8 hour delay to our blow slot on Sat.

Then once that is all good and done the annealer decides that it wants to just turn itself on and off at will. Shattering stuff as it goes.

Then once it is all worked does it again just to make sure everything is good and hosed.

After all the drama at the shop I slip in the shower and wack the farfigNugen out of my shin. It honestly looked like someone stuck a racquetball under the first 5 layers of skin and kicked it with a steal toed boot for a week. Did I mention that it hurt, that I slipped on the way down and converted my showerhead into "That thing that skitters across the floor laying waste to everything it can soak as you hobble around naked cussing and chasing it across the floor". So there I am naked, soaked, with a hosed down bathroom, hopping on one foot as I look down to find out our cat has pissed on the rug I am standing on...with one good foot...naked....angry..wet...soiled toes.

I will make the rest of the story shot...choked on some pizza, spilled my beer, lost my flip flop...only one, stubbed my toe on a parking brick, then opened the door on the top of my lame foot at Ozone’s Pizza.

I actually wanted to let Mini in on all this but hey for her this is everyday stuff with me. She might even say "Hey light night".

Speaking of that maybe she will put up a couple of new pumpkin pictures...hint hint...wink wink.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Furnace on the way.

Got the call furnace is 15 minutes from the house.

Packages are away. IN the POST...look for the winners. Ok, all but the South Africa one but I am going some research on how to get this to you. No worries.

Ok have to go unload the new toy.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to work.

Ok anouther 18 pumpkins done. Mini is taking pictures of them now.

Sorry for the lack of posts work is on fire right now so I am behind the 8-ball.

Be back soon.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Contest Winners rejoice!

Finally! At lunch today I am going to try to send these prizes from the contest out again. The last time I had problems with shipping to South Africa, then the second time they would not send to Canada because they could not confirm the address. The silly part of that is I have sent Jewels stuff before and I know they did not give me any beef about this. The real reason they have not gone out is I have been very busy, out of town, preparing to go out of town, or just did not have what it took to walk my lazy ass down to the post office and try again.

Fear not winners, you are at the #1. spot of my todo list...ok #2 this post was number one...Ok I lied Starbucks was #1...nevermind your on the list!

Either way, if I have trouble today, I will just send what I can and work on the offending package.

On the shop front I am a bit nervous. My furnace supplier is not taking calls right now and the voice mail is full to the brim and I can't leave a message. My furnace is not here and it is making me crazy. Mostly because I have already paid for it and even more important I am running out of time for the shop. I hope they spring back to life today and answer the phone so I can get the tracking number. If that happens I can peel off a little bit of the stress that has started build up on me the last couple of days.

I got a bunch of people telling me they really liked the New York posts because it was out of my normal writing style. To be honest it was easy to write those while in NYC because I had something to write about. I got to tell a story and I really enjoy doing that. When I talk about glass and the shop I feel like I am just reporting facts. Which is not that bad it just does not really give me a creative way to have fun with my posts. I will try to sprinkle in a couple of the story posts now and then if you guys can handle some "not about glass" stuff.



Saturday, August 25, 2007

Overhead in NYC - Part#3

I was making my way to my appointment this moring taking my normal rat maze path to the Empire State Building really hoping the cheese would not be hard to find today. Get my last legal stimulate at the biggest drug pusher on the face of the planet and a round piece of bread that is basically just and installment plan for putting my doctors kids though college. South on Broadway I am like that guy on the Discovery Channel that gets dropped in the wild with nothing but a knife and ball of twine. Force to survive in harsh conditions, find basic living supplies, and a way home. Just reverse everything and make it a slightly overweight guy from the south, a good sence of direction with a ball of money, a laptop, and 1/2 pack of beef jerky.

Now I have made this trip every morning for the last 5 days, 9 blocks south, 3 blocks west, 2 block south. I will spare you the fact that I got a cab this morning and he turned down Ave. of the America's the wrong way...That was classic to here a guy go complete bat shit crazy in swahili. I am pretty sure he may of juiced his own ride. The reason for this was that the whole north side of the Empire State building was blocked off for 2 blocks... Once I get out of the cab a block away so we don't make a 6 dollar u-turn of 3 right hand turns around the block I am starting to looking at the affair. Police tape, cops, no one inside the blockade sans a lonely single turck with no outside markings. I notice two police women, one was rather fetching which is just a bonus and odd at the same time, talking to two Japanese tourists. Asking directions to this and that as I waited to ask what was going on. Movie shot at EPSB? Someone Jump? Killer bees? Just as they finished up and I was about to ask the million dollar question the Japanese guy says "Whattah happen?" and points down the street that is blocked off. Police woman "Manhole explosion". Japanese woman "I hope he is ok!".

Nice start to the morning I am still laughing...


Thursday, August 23, 2007

NYC part #2.

Am I sitting here in the hotel room on Broadway and 45th or 46th, I honestly don't remember but if you look out my window you can see a monsterous montior about the size of my house with NASDAQ on it. I am "in the heart of it" you might say. The room flickers at night to the thump of the city, like a hundred lightning bolts that never stop and thousands of sounds fighting for the right to be heard. 5am came early this morning but when your head hits the pillow at 8pm your body wakes you up before the alarm. It feels good to have not gone out last night for a beer picking instead to unwind my brain with sleep instead of an adult beverage.

Waking up at 5am in NYC is something I think everyone should do at least once in your life. It is very surreal. Walking out onto boardway at 5am is like stepping into a dream and I found myself in that walking dream. As I birthed myself onto the city I was at the nexus of some kind of strange crossroads. Where my dreams had found a way to wiggle themselves free of my mind and into the waking world. There I was on Broadway, in the most busy city in the world, all the lights blasting away, steam easing though the manhole cover at my feet, and the rancid waft of last nights cast offs assulting my sences. The waking had dream started and time stood still. There where no people. No one was on the street, no one was working in the stores, no one was driving cars.....I was the only person I could see in any direction. I stammered for a second as my mind worked to figure out what was going on, where I was. Was I sleeping, is this is a dream? Is some crazed phsycopathic person going to jump out of the construction down the street and case me as I run for my life in slow motion? I stand there in awe as the monitor billboards change from image to image. Lucky brand jeans, BCBG, GMC, Good Morning America lighting up my surroundings with the glow from millions of tiny little lights. Time seems to be standing still, but the boards are switching, the steam is rising, the clouds are moving. Then like the starting gate at the Kentucky Deby everything breaks loose with the piercing blast of a cabi's horn. BLLLAAAAAAAAA!!! It is the feeling you get when you fall in your dream and sit bolt upright in your bed sure you have fallen from the highest point on earth only slam back into your matress. Someone bumps into me from behind even though there must be 20 feet of free space on either side of me. Fumbling with her ipod she did not see me and did not offer more than a quizical look that said "sorry and whatever" in the same facial expersion. As I turn back to look around eveything is as it should have been. The city is alive, I am not alone, and this was not a dream.

3 seconds of a dream at some kind of freakish black hole in time....Walking down the street I reach the corner of 45th and Broadway just as cab pulls up. Out pops a clown and sees me staring at him. He pays the cab, dances a little jig, drops to his knee throwing out his right hand and screams "TADA!" as if his taking a cab is a show worthy act. NYC man, now I don't know if it is a dream again or not.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

State of Mind

Well there I was walking down Broadway in NYC listening to the most laid back music on earth, Donavon Frankenreiter watching thousands of people bussle about doing all manner of crazy stuff. "If it don't matter" blasting away in my ears like a personal anthem of my current state of mind. I don't think I have ever felt more centered in a very long time, as if something in the universe suddenly opened up and let me know "Hey man, you might have done something right". Here I was looking up at the huge billboards in time square with everything that is NYC surronding me like a thick fog. Cabbies blasting horns, people with a mission, dogs craping on cement, venders hawking the latest cracked DVDs and the smells of the city. Hog dogs, and pizza, gutter funk, and exhust that just seems to melt together to form a scent only a city can make. How foreign but yet so resident in my mind from living here that I felt of a ghost of my former life. I don't miss it but in it's own way it is a part of me that only comes alive here in the city. There is just something strange about New York, being here sets that little demon free.

I missed my wife and the song echoing in my head has very deep roots with us. Everything I do here is just missing that little bit, that something special that you only get when your best friend is with you to share. I actually found myself searching the crowd for her today before I realized she was not with me. I missed my family, and living in NYC years back I did not have the pleasure of seeing them day to day. 2000 miles will carve a chasm that phone lines don't seem to be able to bridge enough to feel like home. Home will never be New York, I don't think it ever was. It was just a neat place to hang my hat while I figured out my home is where my family, friends, and most of all my wife are. I miss you guys....but first I am going to 23rd and 3rd to get a cheese burger at Molly's....Ironic.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pumpkin photos

Ok MiniMolli took some pictures of the pumpkins today. This first one is this realy strange german brown color that Mini got me last year. I have bars of it and it has a really neat look. I am going to have to use it more but I really dig the steam on this one. It is the smallest one of the pumpkins that where made last wed. night and the first of the "Pumpkin Party" batch. This little guy is about 3 by 3 inches.

This one is made a bit larger and has a very very dark purple steam. As you can tell the ribs are quite a bit different. Some people love what I call the "City Pumpkin" which is the one above. Some people love what I call the "Country Pumpkin" which is below. It also has ivory spots on it which gives it more of a realistic look.
This is a good color combo that does well because it goes with just about everything. Amber over ivory with a black stem. These go fast. It is about 4 by 5 inches.
Here we have one that is amber with reduced ivory on the outside and a Black stem. The only reason it has a little purple look to it is the all white background and lighting. This one will go quick as well. People love the ivory spots.
The new guy. This was the first pumpkin that I used a transparent green on. I really kind of like it. Jet black stem and it is the largest one so far coming in at about 5x6.5 inches. I am not sure if I will be able to keep this one around long enough to make it to the party. Everyone that sees it tries to get it. I am really trying not to start selling them before the party....then no one would come!

Some friends want me to put them for sale online and I will that is just going to have to wait until after the pumpkin party. Alas, I do plan to put stuff up for sale and we are looking into exactly how we are going to do that. We just have much more pressing matters to attend to at this point. Like getting the shop open. Making a couple hundred pumpkins, and get the electrical done....I am not forgeting to ship the stuff out for the winners. It is packed and ready to ship I have just not made my way back to the post office to ship them off.

Keep tuned for more Pumpkins pics.



Friday, August 10, 2007

I am turning into the PUMPKIN KING!

This wed. night I started on the pumpkins for the "Pumpkin Party". I will post some pictures this weekend. All of them had black stems and all kinds of different colors. I found two colors that look good alone and will be making some more of them. Iris Orange, and some crazy brown color that turns purplish...not sure that is a word.

Anyway, I am in full on pumpkin mode. I need to make a coulpe of tools to be able to make "BIG GIGANTIC PUMPKINS" as the tools I am suing now only allow up to about a 5 inch round pumpkin before I start to loose all my detail.

The Studio it cooking along and I get the estimates on the electrical work tomorrow. I plan to build the doors for my openings this weekend. MiniMolli will be very very happy when that is done.

Once I get the electric done, I will buy a new welder for the 220 plugs. Build the annealer and the glory hole (reheating furnace) shortly after that. Then if my glass melting furnace ever makes it I will be very close.

Ok until the pictures make it. I am off to get and adult beverage at Intermissions should be in the good stuff, locked and loaded behind the Bowling machine in t-minus 60minutes and counting.... Come on down.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Is it me or is it hot outside?


Monday, August 6, 2007

Bump and Run.

Just dropping in to let you guys know I got back from Austin in one piece. I will be working on Wed. if anyone wants to drop by. I am kicking the backyard shop into high gear and if everything goes well getting the electric done very soon. After that it will be all downhill. I will try and take some pictures of the work on the shop tonight as well.

Sorry for the short post but being gone for a week+ does not leave much room when you get back to work for chit chat.



Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Since Scott is out of town this week keeping busy and has limited internet access I thought I would post some photos from gallery night a few weekends ago. If you came out to see it you'll know that the photos don't do the installation justice. It was quite stunning when you walked in. If you did make it into Studio B - thanks for coming! We still have some peices on display in the shop so feel free to stop in and take a look. Hope you all enjoy the photos. I would suggest clicking each photo for a larger version.

click photos for larger versions