Monday, January 31, 2011

Strong Street Studio

I don't really know how much I have talked about my move into changing this hobby into a business. I do however know that about the time that I started to think of this as a money making idea my posts to this blog dropped to almost zero. I became very protective of my new idea and my new venture. I became a parent to this studio and I wanted to protect that. Silly but very true.

I am sure by this time I have lost pretty much everyone that was coming here to look at what I did next or what kind of mistakes I had made. I know you where not here for the horrible grammar, spelling mistakes, and typos. This place is interesting for me to go back and look at if for no other reason than to realize the baby steps I took for many years. That it was a layered process that has me now working in what is my own studio and my own side business from my day to day job. Strong Street Studio is no longer an idea but a functioning business that is making money and out of all debt as of this year.

In short if you find this blog you can look back and see someone build a glass studio from start to finish over a couple years. From knowing as little as one can know to lighting up his first gather in his own shop. It is a painful read but it is there. How I funded it, how I purchased equipment, how I ran electrical it is all here. I am however going to start a new site. I don't really feel like I am new to this anymore. I am not expert, hell I am not even seasoned, but I am no longer new....that is for sure.

So this is the last post at New2glass. I will leave this up for anyone in the future that gets a itch to build a studio. Maybe something in here will inspire them or help. Maybe they will venture over to my new blog. and have a laugh at what is sure to be a string of all new problems and errors.

Thanks for the support and laughs. Hope to see you at the new digs.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Know your WOAH!

This is my new favorite phrase that I have come up with recently. I think I will have shirts made up. It is very universal.

Think about it. Know your WOAH! can be used anywhere.

Out drinking, you all know the woah voice from somewhere in the middle of your body that says "woah man...." you know when you are laying into someone and the voice tells you "woahh woah woah...ease up" when you are falling "woah, Woah, WOAH!!!!" as you fall.

It is my new montra...know your woah. KYW!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I found this glass, weight loss boot camp, my pants fit!

Boot Camp rocks, over the last 15 weeks I have lost a staggering 27.5 pounds (252.6 down to 225.1)and my timed mile has gone from 9.45 to 7.31. That is a lot of ground to make up in 12 weeks! I am completely stoked.

I am in what they call the "Blast" camp now which is just a short 3 week course between the bigger boot camps. After that I will get on my 3rd camp and hope to get under 220 and get my timed mile down under 7 minutes. This blast seems to be focused on a little more cardo so I hope to drop those last 7 pounds off and reach my 3rd set goal. If anyone in Pensacola wants to go to this boot camp I can't recommend it enough.

Fixed on Fitness

Ok, enough about that lets talk about glass!

I have started back up on the "I found this glass" movement. I have already started to put things out in the wild for people to find. I am even thinking about doing a little GEO-cache one if anyone is interested. I have already put the first one out at one of the parks downtown.

I will put one out tomorrow at the same park but a different place...There is a wonderful bar on the corner...first drink is free on friday and Bobby is the bartender.... that is a clue!

Thursday I will put one out in a park in East Hill that has a couple of the regulars that bark at people if they get excited.

Friday....well it will be in one of the trees downtown outside my Friday happy hour stomping grounds on Palafox.

Good luck!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Flippy Flop.

So for those of you that know me you know why this blog has been a little left in the cold. For everyone else, I have been freaking busy!

2 pumpkins parties
1 Gulf Coast Arts Festival
1 Booth to Build
Tons of stuff to make for the above
Work got crazy just to add to the stress
Belmont Crazyness, partly my fault but was there none the less
Selling a Truck
Purchased a Truck
Started a new company, Strong Street Studios - YEAH!
Lost about 25 pounds
I could keep going but lets just say it has been a bit of a run as of late.

I honestly don't know how my wife was dealing with my constant level of GO GO GO as well as her constatnt level of GO GO GO! Hats off to you Mini, you are the glue baby I am just the loose stuff looking for something to latch onto. I would be lost without you. MUH!

So I have used the last week to completely and utterly recharge. Took 3 days off..sort of with the hurricane and Vets day to help me. Just wonderful not to have to do anything beside wake up and workout.

Last night was about the first time that I have been in the shop with pretty much nothing to make that had to be made. Of course I had a couple orders but those dropped pretty quick and I was left standing there thinking...what now?! Before the Gulf Coast Arts Festival I had started to play with a specific way to make an ornament. I bet I messed with that thing for a week straight about an hour a night and only truely made about 4 of them worth selling. Never really got it down and could not reproduce them for my life. I just could not get right.

Last night, FLIP FLOP. I realized I was using way to much of a bubble in the pre-shape part of my steps. It was like magic and I was on fire. 15 in a row and not a one hit the gound until I announced to the backyard "I got this!". The next 3 hit the floor. I laughed as each one hit the ground, rolled off the knock off table, or in the last case flew from my put away tongs after I had finished it perfectly. It was in some strange way funny not to be under the gun to get them done and them breaking just made me giggle. Heck I even made a forth floor model. Finished it. Then promptly droped it just for fun. Giggle, toss it up into the air and laugh out loud when it exploded on the cement. Just turn off the glory, put away the tools, and turn of the lights. Funy how much different my outlook is after reaching the goals and being on the downhill run. Looks good from this side of the hill.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Etsy Glass Pumpkins

As you can tell in the Etsy wigget to the right I put a couple glass pumpkins up. MiniMolli took the pictures yesterday and put them on Etsy.

Little late in the month but we will see if they sell.

Still gearing up for the Gulf Coast Arts Festival, building the booth, and making vases. It will be very busy the next couple of weeks.


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ball has rolled.

The pumpkin party is now behind me.

It was a grand success, even better than last year! Ben Bogan's Metal work was a huge plus to the party and he did very well also. The weather was great and the party was a hoppin!

All in all I am not sure it could have gone any better.

Thank you to everyone that came.

Thank you to everyone that helped!

I will post some pictures in the very near future when I calm down and actaully get to look at some pictures.